Corporate Social Responsibility: Supply Chain


Every Link in the Supply Chain Counts

Our suppliers are a vital link to advancing the competitiveness of our business, while also helping us achieve our vision of corporate social responsibility. We look for suppliers who meet the high business standards we practice every day and share our values of respecting human rights and working conditions, decreasing environmental impact and adhering to ethical business practices. We also seek to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers so that, over time, we can collaborate to continually improve the efficiency and sustainability of our mutual operations.

Supplier Expectations

In addition to assessing the quality and competitiveness of our suppliers’ products and services, our manufacturing capability assessment (MCA) also evaluates suppliers on key environmental, social and governance considerations.

Just as we do, we ask our suppliers to continuously strive for greater efficiency and sustainability in their operations. Beyond that, we look for exceptional health, safety and ethics records.

A lot of responsibility for monitoring our suppliers falls to the Green Supply Chain Strategy Team. Made up of people from across Delphi businesses, this team is continually focusing on new ways to address sustainability issues crossing the supply chain, including:

  • Requiring strategic suppliers to support ISO 14001, an international environmental management system that integrates business practices with environmental goals
  • Requiring all of our strategic suppliers to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure their business practices align with Delphi’s expectations for environmental and ethical performance
The Green Supply Chain Strategy Team also shares best practices across Delphi to help improve supply chain management. Beyond our doors, the team listens – and learns – from our suppliers as well as our customers about what works best, and what doesn’t. Together we strive to make every link in the supply chain strengthen our social responsibility performance.

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