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Introducing BlueMatter. Intelligent and inspired propulsion.
Richard F Dauch
Richard F. Dauch Appointed CEO
Delphi Technologies collaborates with TomTom on Intelligent Driving
Delphi Technologies and TomTom collaborate
Cars and technology.
CES 2019: The future of propulsion.
Delphi Technologies' Intelligent Driving vehicle
A car that drives more intelligently.
Software: the access code to better driving.
Power electronics
Getting ahead in the race to better power electronics solutions.
electrification, power electronics, fuel efficiency, packaging
Power electronics: smarter packaging, lower cost
350 Bar GDi System for Low Particulate Emissions
350 Bar GDi system for low particulate emissions.
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The path to electrification. Guiding you on this exciting journey.
Welcome to Delphi Technologies.
Welcome to Delphi Technologies. We’re a global enterprise focused on innovating propulsion systems and aftermarket solutions so that passenger cars and commercial vehicles drive cleaner, better and further. As a leading-edge Tier 1 supplier, our portfolio of powertrain and aftermarket technologies are engineered to tackle the toughest challenges with no compromises. Our aim: Advance what’s possible yet never retreat in creating vehicles people want to drive. Delphi Technologies. Driven to make a difference.
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Ready to move you forward.
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Join us. Make tomorrow real today.
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