Corporate Social Responsibility: Carbon Dioxide

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Taking on Climate Change, One Vehicle and One Person at a Time

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the planet today. Delphi is proud to do its part through real-world innovations that help manufacturers create vehicles that produce lower emissions, and through programs that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in our own plants and facilities.

Solutions on the Road

Our most significant contributions to reduce greenhouse emissions come from innovations that increase fuel efficiency in vehicles and reduce their weight. A key to these solutions is often the expertise and emissions measurement testing capabilities such as our Vehicle Emissions Testing Facility at the Luxembourg Customer Technical Center. This has led to many innovative solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in vehicles, including:
  • Multec® Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) multi-port fuel injectors that contribute to up to 15 percent better fuel economy

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction Dosing System that reduces CO 2 and nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines

  • Miniaturization and material selection initiatives like PVC Thin-Wall Cable that provides a 59 percent reduction in diameter, area and weight to improve fuel economy

Solutions at Home

But it’s not just solutions for our customers. Delphi people are bringing CO 2 reduction solutions to life at Delphi in many ways, including:
  • Signing a 15-year contract with Enel for Green Renewable Energy for Delphi Mexico Operations from Enel’s wind farm – a partnership that has the potential to reduce Mexico Operations’ annual CO 2 emissions by almost 33,000 metric tons

  • Using cleaner transportation modes when possible, like ocean and rail transport instead of air or trucks

  • Filling shipping containers to maximum capacity so fewer shipments are required

  • Selecting suppliers closer to our plants to minimize shipping distances

  • Sharing carrier best practices for reducing emissions

  • Joining the SmartWaySM Transport Partnership, which focuses on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution

Not only are we reducing a vehicle’s emissions from production to operation, many of our employees are organizing activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bike-to-work and LED-lighting initiatives are just two examples. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has truly become part of the Delphi way – at home, at work and on the path in-between.

Emissions Standards at Your Fingertips

As governments continue to adapt regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Delphi is helping vehicle and engine manufacturers keep up to date with the popular Worldwide Emissions Standards booklets for passenger cars and light duty vehicles as well for heavy duty and off road vehicles. These easy-to-read, conveniently organized tools provide a useful summary of emissions regulations from around the world. The newest guide contains information about the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure (WLTP), which nations can use in the next level of CO 2 emissions tests to make sure vehicle manufacturers are compliant with the latest regulations.

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