Media get a sneak peek at our Intelligent Driving vehicle ahead of CES

Driving smarter, not harder.

As powertrains become electrified, several more components have to be added to a vehicle’s system.  Each device or component added contains a controller for basic operation, however, all of these controllers must communicate and work together for an optimized propulsion system.  The overall management of the propulsion system is handled by a propulsion domain controller.

In the not-to-distant future, this device will function as the single point of communication to the Cloud and open up new possibilities for propulsion such as what we call Intelligent Driving.

Even as vehicles move to full electric solutions, a propulsion controller will still be required to optimize propulsion or move the vehicle.

Delphi Technologies is in production with propulsion controllers today and we are developing our latest innovation with expanded capability to take advantage of connectivity in the future.

Consider all the sources of data on the vehicle today, which have been made possible by active safety and infotainment systems available--cameras, radar, lidar, navigation system all provide data on conditions around the vehicle and for the route ahead. 

With expanded connection to the cloud, additional information is now available such as traffic, construction, weather, signal light patterns, and routes, just to name a few.  And, there is a lot more information and computing power in the Cloud than in the car.

By utilizing the data enabled by automated and connectivity technologies, again already in cars today, Delphi Technologies’ intelligent driving can improve propulsion efficiency, safety and range of all vehicles.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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Media test driving our Intelligent Driving car.
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Vehicle walk-around before heading out to the track.
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Intelligent Driving media demonstration
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Pre-CES media event with Intelligent Driving
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