Delphi Technologies launches as an industry-leading global partner for emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions
Delphi Technologies launches as an industry-leading global partner.
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Delphi Technologies: Delivering today to put you ahead of tomorrow.

The automotive world is going through incredible change. The pressures of increased safety and total connectivity have never been greater. Stricter government regulations and increasing demands for fuel efficiencies, emissions reductions and electrification have created tremendous expectations to deliver on multiple, complicated fronts.

The tectonic shifts you face as part of the global auto industry demand that you have partners that can move faster than the pace of change. That can navigate the complexities and are willing to take leaps into the unknown, because that’s where success – and the greatest rewards – often reside.

At Delphi Technologies, we know we are that partner.

A new beginning that’s focused on you.

Our automotive heritage is deep – more than 100 years in the making. The enduring entrepreneurial spirit that sparked many of the innovations, products and services you’ve relied upon over the years will continue. But with this new company will come a new beginning. New adventures. New breakthroughs.

So, as we write this next chapter in our history, you’ll see only the very best parts of the old coupled with the new. And all of it will be focused on one thing – you, our customers. This means you’ll get a team that moves faster than the pace of change in automotive powertrain management, software and controls, system integration and the aftermarket. You’ll get a global collective that masters complexity and welcomes the challenges you face every day because we don’t see them as obstacles – they are opportunities. More importantly, you get a true partner – one that believes anything is possible – when we do it together.

Welcome to the new Delphi Technologies.

From today, you can expect:

  • Leadership in value-based, real-world innovation in vehicle electrification and power electronics, from mild hybrids to electric vehicles.
  • Advanced internal combustion engine solutions to meet the widest needs for all vehicle and fuel types.
  • Software, hardware and component development expertise aimed at improving data speeds, capacity, power, durability and thermal output.
  • Fully integrated aftermarket operations for end-to-end solutions – from the first repair to the last.
  • Experienced leadership through a tenured and cohesive board and senior management team committed to creating sustained value and guiding our people with confidence and energy.
  • Global capabilities, with operations in 24 countries. Our multinational teams can provide you with global and local insights and solutions.
  • A passion for people; a hunger for brilliance. Our vision and values – from diversity, sustainability, community engagement and more – remind us every day that it’s simply not enough to do what’s required. We need to go beyond and to do what’s right; what’s needed.

Delphi Technologies. Get there with us.

Delphi Technologies and Aptiv.

Delphi Corp., is now two companies: Delphi Technologies and Aptiv. We’re focused on powertrain, advanced propulsion and aftermarket solutions. Visit Aptiv for more on new mobility solutions, smart vehicle architectures and connected cars to connected cities.