The Possibilities of Automated Mobility

Imagine an elderly woman being able to order a vehicle via a phone app to pick her up at her door and deliver her to the train station, grocery store or the doctor. Imagine the ability to order a vehicle to avoid a 30-minute walk to the subway station in stifling heat or severe cold. 


These possibilities, and many more, could be enabled in the near future by automated driving technology. Automated Mobility on Demand (AMOD) is the movement of people and goods via an on-demand, automated vehicle platform. Last year, Delphi won a Singapore Land Transport Authority bid to provide AMOD in a section of Singapore called One North.  

The testing will demonstrate:

  • A functioning fleet of fully autonomous vehicles.
  • Cloud-based mobility-on-demand software.
  • Urban, point-to-point, low-speed, autonomous, mobility-on-demand.

The three-year pilot program is slated to transition to operational service by 2022. The Singapore test is just the beginning. The possibilities are expansive including urban and suburban vehicle sharing, autonomous bus or taxi services, logistics and long-distance truck platooning.

Delphi plans other pilots for North America and Europe in the next few years.