Engine Management Systems

Delphi Multec® Electronic Fuel Injection

Delphi Multec® Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) provides a complete engine management system (EMS) for small gasoline- and flexible fuel-powered engines. It is designed to help manufacturers meet exhaust and evaporative emissions requirements while also achieving targets for engine performance and fuel consumption. Delphi's Multec EFI provides manufacturers with a single, easy-to-manage, cost-competitive package of components that can be tailored to individual program requirements and price points. Delphi's Multec EFI can include:

  • Engine control module (ECM) with software and algorithms
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Throttle control (including electronic governor control)
  • Air control
  • Ignition coil
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Fuel pump
  • Evaporative emissions canister


  • Components are optimized within a complete, cost-effective package to meet the manufacturer's performance objectives and price points
  • Delphi's Multec EFI helps provide reduced fuel consumption — up to 10-15% depending on the application
  • Assists in reducing exhaust emissions to help meet regulatory standards and reduces carbon monoxide emissions for better product safety versus conventionally carbureted systems
  • Compared to carbureted systems, Delphi's Multec EFI provides improved starting and overall performance over a wide range of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and altitude), and better reliability
  • Electronic governor control provides improved speed control and reduced governor droop and hunt versus a mechanical governor
  • Delphi provides a complete software package and calibration tools
  • Delphi's single point of contact for the EMS makes it easy for the manufacturer to manage and implement the program
  • Delphi's experienced and knowledgeable EMS engineering support teams — with their systems development, calibration, and validation expertise — can provide fast response and enable the manufacturer to achieve fast time-to-market
  • Delphi's Multec EFI technology offers product image enhancement and marketing opportunities for the manufacturer

Delphi Multec® Electronic Fuel Injection Portfolio Summary

   Features and Benefits
Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • 16 bit
  • Small package size
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) or throttle position sensor (TPS) load
  • Electronic spark timing
  • Flexible fuel algorithms
  • Communication link for diagnostics and operator information display
  • Other features: immobilizer, rollover switches, altitude compensation and more
Electronic Fuel Injector
  • With anti-plugging features
  • Ethanol-blend fuel compatibility (e.g. E85, E100)
  • Hot fuel handling
Mechanical Throttle Body
  • Low cost option
  • Idle speed control option
  • Sealed shaft option
  • Integrated sensors
  • Throttle bore portfolio to match engine sizes
Electronic Throttle Control
  • Enhanced responsiveness to load change
  • Fewer components
  • Integrated sensors
  • Throttle bore portfolio to match engine sizes
Fuel Module
  • Compact top- and bottom-mount in-tank designs
  • In-line modules
  • Designed with low current consumption
Electronic Ignition
  • More reliable combustion versus magnetos
  • Enables electronic spark timing
  • Electronic protection and diagnosis for the coil
Sensors and Actuators
  • Pressure
  • Engine and Air Temperature
  • Engine Crank Position
  • Compact designs
  • Multiple options available for packaging flexibility
Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
  • Isolated ground for added robustness
  • Enables closed-loop control for better emissions control
  • Allows gasoline-ethanol blended flexible fuel operation
  • Fast light-off
Evaporative Emissions Canister
  • Compact design
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Reduces evaporative emissions

Typical Applications

A Delphi Multec Electronic Fuel Injection engine management system is available for one- or two-cylinder gasoline and flexible fuel engines. Delphi Multec EFI enables engines to operate on gasoline-ethanol blended fuels. Typical product applications include:

  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Personal watercraft
  • Outboard marine engines
  • Power generators
  • Commercial lawn tractors and mowers
  • Outdoor power equipment

Performance Advantages

Delphi's Multec Electronic Fuel Injection offers an easy and convenient way for a manufacturer of small engine products to implement a complete engine management system that can help meet exhaust and evaporative emissions standards, while enhancing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption. Delphi's unique understanding of the complete engine management system and its portfolio of major component development capabilities contribute to superior component design and a cost-competitive system. Delphi's engine management system products are recognized for high quality and superior performance.

The Delphi Advantage

Delphi has a long history of supplying gasoline engine management systems and components that have for many years helped global automotive manufacturers overcome market and regulatory challenges. Delphi's extensive experience in fuel injection systems development provides manufacturers of small engine products with a unique systems-level knowledge and analysis resource.

As a global leader in engine management systems technology, Delphi can help manufacturers around the world meet engine emissions requirements, improve fuel economy and enhance performance.Delphi is a source for high value solutions and our expertise is built into every product. Delphi's flexible engineering approach encourages collaboration. And, Delphi has a thorough understanding of markets around the world and a global network of resources.