Clips, Clamps and Routing Aids

Delphi Clips, Clamps and Routing Aids

Delphi offers a wide variety of clips, clamps and routing aids for electrical distribution attachment needs. Delphi offers a broad array of options — more than 5,000 — different part numbers of available products for many applications.

  • Polypropylene and nylon clips, including:
    • Wire tie clips
    • Fir tree clips
    • Rosebud clips
    • Conduit clips
    • Clip assemblies
  • Connector sheet metal clips, including:
    • Fir tree connector clips
    • Rosebud connector clips
    • Edge metal clips
  • Conduit clamps and assemblies
  • Connector carriers
  • Assembly covers
  • Channels and brackets
  • Custom designed solutions


  • Simple, durable and proven designs
    • Field performance for more than 50 years in thousands of applications
  • Ergonomic and assembly efficient designs, including:
    • Orientation features
    • Anti-rotation features
    • Anti-squeak and rattle features
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Wide variety of options available for many applications
  • Custom designed solutions also available for customer specific applications

Wire tie clip with oval fir tree

Tape on fir tree clip

Connector clip

Connector clip

Conduit clip

Conduit clamp assembly

Push pin

Heavy duty bolt down cable tie


Custom designed solutions

Typical Applications

Delphi clips, clamps and routing aids are designed for general automotive and transportation electrical distribution attachment needs for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Light, medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Marine

While many off-the shelf products are available, Delphi can also provide custom harness attachment devices.