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Aftermarket diesel test equipment: Calibrated for your success.

Diesel test equipment to keep you at the top of your game.

For 80 years, our Hartridge branded diesel fuel injection test equipment has provided solutions for the automotive aftermarket. Whether you’re an authorized diesel specialist, vehicle repair shop – or even an original equipment manufacturer – we can provide the right support and equipment to meet your needs. Our portfolio includes electronic unit injector and pump test benches, diesel particulate filter cleaners and the latest in common rail testing technologies.

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Patented technology for the most advanced capabilities.

Each of our products features patented technology with the most advanced testing capabilities. Yet, the machines are still designed with you in mind.

Take the Sabre CRi-180. We build this advanced common rail injector tester with a patented closed loop control system, so it is able to generate impressive levels of flow, even at high pressures. It’s designed to also run smoothly on domestic power connections with no need to rely on external compressed air. And we ensure test-to-test repeatability through advanced cooling, allowing injectors to run for extended test periods.

The Sabre CRi-180 advanced common rail injector tester

Central to the Sabre’s design is the exceptional level of user-control that enables full customization of test conditions and parameters. Those tests can be run in either automatic or manual modes. It can be as comprehensive or as simple as you want it to be – whether your requirement is a fast and accurate function tester or a repair-quality evaluation of injector performance.

It’s not just the Sabre CRi-180. At Delphi Technologies, we put our heritage and patented capabilities into every test equipment machine we develop.

Service and maintenance for today’s modern engines.

Along with testing, service and maintenance are core pillars of our aftermarket business. Our DPF 300 Master Series is a cutting-edge, advanced solution to heavy-duty diesel particulate filter maintenance. Just like the Sabre, it uses proven, patented technology to remove virtually all soot and ash – restoring the function of clogged DPFs and the exhaust backpressure to original specifications.

Regularly servicing DPFs will:

  • Significantly extend their service life.

  • Maintain optimum fuel economy.

  • Ensure optimum exhaust function.

  • Avoid unscheduled downtime.

  • Reduce static on-vehicle regeneration.

chart comparing unmaintained diesel engine filter systems to those regularly serviced

Looking to the future.

Our team is hard at work on new testing innovations designed to keep you ahead in diesels. For example, our concept gas-direct injection test bench uses much of the same technology in the Sabre CRi-180, but is adapted specifically for GDi and petrol technologies. For the concept test bench, we were awarded best-in-show at Equip Auto Paris for innovation and engineering within the automotive aftermarket. Proof that we’re constantly forging ahead to provide you with industry-leading, high-performance, advanced testing technology.