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Introducing BlueMatter. Intelligent and inspired propulsion.
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Delphi Technologies at CES 2019


Flying cars and the future of vehicle propulsion.

Some may consider what we have planned for CES 2019 - January 8-11 - to be tame. Granted, it’s not flying cars or trucks. Although, come to think of it, without propulsion technologies like ours such innovations would literally never get off the ground. Instead, what we have in store is much more fundamental and, to many, much more personal. It’s anything but tame. 

What we’ll be unveiling is a suite of vehicle propulsion technologies designed to bring cars and trucks to life by converting energy into motion to make vehicles go ... go cleaner ... go better ... go further ... than they ever have before. More importantly, it’s about all of us as drivers. Be it electric, hybrid, gas, diesel or something not yet invented, the future of propulsion is about powering that moment when you flip a switch ... push a button ... or step on the pedal ... and you drive. 

We’re on a path to profoundly alter – forever – the driving experience. Follow us @delphitech for all our latest CES 2019 news. 

BlueMatter: Intelligent and inspired propulsion.



They say the best way to predict the future is to invent it. At Delphi Technologies, we’re doing more than inventing it; we’re elevating it with bold concepts and never-before conceived solutions that will forever alter the future of propulsion. 

Introducing BlueMatter. A collection of Delphi Technologies’ capabilities aimed at rethinking what’s possible in propulsion. Our aim: To fashion intelligent and inspired innovations that transform what we drive, making cars and trucks cleaner, better and able to go further than ever imagined. 

Cleaner. Consumers are demanding more sustainable transportation. Under BlueMatter, we'll craft vehicle systems that maximize clean propulsion. 

Better. Consumers are expecting connectivity and automation. Under BlueMatter, we’ll fashion systems designed to make propulsion predictive. Connect, control, communicate; On-board, off-board and in the cloud. Propulsion will be active and knowing.  

Further. Consumers are open to new forms of vehicle power with a caveat – no compromises. Under BlueMatter, we'll explore and exploit new roads in energy management and driving experiences. 

With these three tenets to guide our efforts, BlueMatter will ignite technically advanced solutions that are flexible, powerful and meaningful. Next-generation gasoline direct injection (GDi) systems that dramatically cut emissions. Advanced power electronics that are smaller and smarter. Sophisticated software that extracts the right bits of data to sense, predict, protect, control and automate. Consumer-attuned service options that get ahead of failures and create revenue streams for repair shops. 

All this and more emerge as we make real a future of propulsion that moves at the speed of thought. 


Fast Take: Advanced Technology Director James Jeffers discusses the game-changing nature of propulsion controllers.

Intelligent Driving preview.

To get ready for CES 2019, we conducted a special event where journalists could test our new Intelligent Driving system. Come along for the ride and see first-hand just one of the ways we’re changing the future of propulsion.

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