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Delphi is one of the largest automotive suppliers delivering advanced electrical and electronic, powertrain and safety technologies to vehicle manufacturers around the world enabling them to make vehicles that are safer, greener and better connected. Your career can be as diversified as Delphi. If you seek ongoing project variety, skill development and career progression, look to Delphi. We continue to diversify our customer base and enter new global markets, creating an environment that is dynamic, resilient, and growth-oriented. We are excited about the increasing demand for our team's wide-ranging knowledge and expertise exhibited across all our major business lines. Learn what Delphi Russia has to offer!

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Russia, the world's largest country in terms of area, offers incredible diversity in almost every aspect of the country. From its people – more than 160 different ethnic groups and 100 languages beyond the official Russian — to its land that spans 11 time zones, Russia enjoys a variety of cultures, architecture, arts, and industry from Europe to Asia. At the same time, the country boasts many characteristics and achievements that are uniquely its own. As a career destination, Delphi Russia offers the potential for increasingly diverse and exciting opportunities.

Delphi PresenceDelphi in Russia

Delphi Russia has been a significant supplier in the Russian automotive market since 1990 when its Electrical/Electronic Architecture area was the first to establish an administrative footprint. Currently Delphi Russia operates in the Samara region as well as a customer service and sales office in Moscow that serves both local and regional customers.

Delphi Russia is a qualified and reliable partner for automakers in Russia, working with both domestic and foreign original equipment manufacturers. Delphi Russia collaborates with its customers to design, develop, and produce products that help make vehicles more energy-efficient, comfortable, reliable, and connected, as well as safer and greener.

With its expertise, technology, footprint, and distribution channels, Delphi in Russia is prepared to meet the needs of its customers to support local and foreign vehicle makers by offering a variety of proven systems and products, including Electrical/electronic architecture, which carries electrical current for all of the power and signal distribution in a car; gasoline and diesel engine management systems; infotainment and driver interface systems as well as aftermarket products, including a range of sophisticated tooling, diagnostic and test equipment.


career-opportunities-iconCareer Opportunities

Delphi Russia employs people in a wide variety of functions. Our work environment provides opportunities to learn quickly. Delphi takes pride in its global team, as such, the company provides extensive training programs to learn about Delphi technology, products and services, processes, quality and lean techniques.