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Delphi Labs: Wuppertal
We’re looking for a special kind of dreamer. The kind that makes things possible. We’re looking for you.

A 100-year old start up? Yep!

Our Wuppertal lab enjoys both a rich history of Delphi firsts, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up.
This is a pivotal moment where technology and mobility will transform our world. Come join the journey.

Serving the automotive and mobility industries with an unsurpassable passion to power the way to a better drive...and a better future, we've been shaping the future for more than 100 years with safe, green and connected technology firsts.

Our global team, driven by meaningful innovation, envisions a society with zero road fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents. We see the future of driving and are making it possible today. So does our Wuppertal team: The same vision. The same mission.

In one of Delphi’s major customer centers, our highly qualified engineers are developing sensors such as camera and radar, control units for advanced driver assisting systems and automated driving. Multiple engineering teams are working on solutions for the mobility transformation happening now. This transformation includes the growing computer power and data volume in cars as well as technologies for energy and data distribution on board. Delphi is also contributing to a greener and sustainable mobility with high voltage systems and components for electrified cars. Around 700 top engineers, technicians and managers are located in Wuppertal as part of Delphi’s global engineering and management network.

When you work at Delphi in Wuppertal, you are globally and locally connected to a fellow team of engineers that are driving the world’s mobility technology of tomorrow. In cooperation with universities, institutions and the government, our local engineering teams are also working on public research projects to develop and test automated driving or e-mobility technologies for sustainable mobility.

In fact, Delphi Wuppertal received clearance from the government to test an automated driving prototype on public roads under engineering surveillance. Read more >

In addition to our tech edge, Wuppertal offers a high standard of living combining modern infrastructure with a rich industrial history. Wuppertal is one of Germany’s towns with the highest number of EVs on the road. It also features a national landmark suspension railway, ‘Schwebebahn’, and huge nature reserve for the environmentally conscious. Major German cities as Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund are nearby, providing a balance of city and country living. City of Wuppertal >

But did you know these little known facts:

  • We are engaged in international public research projects like automated driving and e-mobility, led by universities of North Rhine-Westphalia, to develop advanced technologies for sustainable mobility.
  • Our engineering team can drive exclusively our prototype in autonomous mode on public roads. Read More
  • The controllers for Audi’s advanced active safety functions autonomous driving are developed by the engineering team located in Wuppertal. Read More (in German)
  • We are part of multiple EU funded programs focused on Automated Driving.
  • From running to ice hockey, our employees enjoy staying active and participate in local events, like “Schwebebahn-Lauf,” an annual 5k run. Wuppertal also offers some very good ski-regions during the summertime. 

Want to be part of our next big dream? Then join us!
We’re currently doubling our engineering staff.

Our Wuppertal is Different


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Vehicle Systems Architect

Vehicle Systems Test and Verification Engineer

Senior Software Integrator ADAS & Autonomous Driving

Software Build Manager ADAS & Autonomous Driving

Vehicle Systems Engineer

Project Manager

Senior Radar Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Team Coordinator Software Integration


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