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Celebrating women everywhere. On International Women's Day – and every day.

March 8 is a day for global appreciation for the women in our lives, as well as the women who came before us. International Women's Day means something different to everyone. At Delphi Technologies, it means celebrating our female employees for their passion, their drive and the light they bring to everything they do. In fact, the day ties into two of our TIER values, Inclusion and Respect, that ground our decisions and shape our culture. 

International Women's Day was first observed as "National Woman's Day" in the United States in 1909, one year after 15,000 women marched through New York City, calling for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. In 1910, German politician Clara Zetkin proposed the idea for an "International Women's Day," for every women in every country to celebrate each other and rally for equality. By 1913, the date of March 8 was chosen to serve as International Women's Day, and rallies sparked all over Europe. 

Even though gains have been made since 1913, the day is still observed in order to further gender equality across the globe and to acknowledge past struggles.

See what a few of the women at Delphi Technologies have to say about how they celebrate International Women's Day, how they work to empower each other, and their advice for young women.


Nicole Ensink

"We live in a society where many women have experienced inequality or discrimination in the workplace, social life or school simply because of their gender. My hope is that the next generation of women will never have to experience discrimination of any kind and will be treated equally and respectfully. I am lucky enough to have many women who inspire me both personally and professionally, and I think it is important to celebrate the community that we all create as women. It is our job to help build each other up, especially when others may try to tear us down. My advice to young women is to find something that you’re passionate about and run toward it so fiercely that nothing can stop you. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to and you have the strength to overcome any obstacle!"


Nicole is a human resource business partner, Aftermarket, and is based in Troy and Auburn Hills, Mich., United States. 



Smiling woman in blue frame
Smiling woman in blue frame

Yee Hong Lee

“When you believe in yourself and enjoy what you do, you can make a difference!”


Yee Hong is managing director, Singapore, and is based in our Singapore Plant and Technical Center.

Camila Rocha

"For me, being a woman means being strong and passionate, and International Women's Day is important because we constantly need to fight for equal rights. Even though it is 2020, some old habits are still around and we need to make sure that people understand that women can do whatever they want and what makes them happy. So I believe that this is a moment that we should speak louder and spread our message about how proud we are for all of our achievements and all the little fights that we've won day-by-day.
Our industry, in fact, is still very male-dominated, but a change in culture and acceptance in recent years has enabled more and more women to gain prominence and assume strategic positions. Our main challenge is the need to constantly prove our potential and quality of work so that we are seen as equals. So it is important to celebrate the place we stand today and to motivate other women to be part of it with us.

Women are increasingly present in this sector and I believe that many of today's achievements are the result of the obstacles faced by past generations, which have opened many doors for us as women. My advice for younger women is don’t be afraid to take chances! Know that you have the potential to learn more and more, achieve new goals, face new challenges and seek new opportunities to grow. Don’t give up and remember you can do anything!"


Camila is a brand & communications supervisor and is based in Piracicaba, Brazil.



Smiling woman in blue frame
Smiling woman in blue frame

Juliana Sanchez 

"When I think about International Women’s Day, the first words that come to my mind are change and hope. I feel thankful for the fight that started a long time ago for our civil rights and against gender inequality. I think about all the brave women who were leading this change in the past and how much stronger and more empowered we can be today because of them. We need to celebrate all of it!

We have to celebrate being able to make our own choices and being the woman we want to be – personally and professionally. Getting here was tough. The only reason why we can study, work and sometimes even vote is that we fought for it. We fought to be able to have a voice. A lot. It may feel natural now, but it wasn’t in the past. Let’s embrace empowerment!

My advice to young women is to look at all challenges as opportunities to prove your value. You can do anything!"


Juliana is a brand & communications manager, Aftermarket, and is based in Auburn Hills, Mich., United States.

Lorena Scheuermann

"International Women's Day – more than the celebration of women's achievements in the social, economic, political and domestic spheres – means a moment of reflection on how much remains to be done in the search for respect and dignity of women. For me, being a woman is an eternal project under development. It is unfolding in various roles. It is to reinvent yourself, without losing the essence. It's instinct. It is strength and sensitivity.

Living in an extremely focused and objective world, we celebrate women and their different way of seeing and interpreting sensations and information, which brings balance to organizational and interpersonal dynamics.

To young women, I would say this: Versatility is one of the great secrets to professional success. Explore the inherent plurality of being a woman and impress! Be inspired by our values – TIER – Transparency, Inclusion, Excellence and Respect. Use your free will."


Lorena is with our supply chain management staff and is based in Piracicaba, Brazil.

Smiling woman in blue frame
Woman and baby smiling in blue frame


Zoe Sutherland

"International Women’s day is important to me as it highlights amazing female role models and their achievements. It reminds us that we don’t have to fall into the stereotypical gender roles and I hope that as my daughter grows up she feels that any career path is open to her. I pursued a career in engineering after I enjoyed math and science at school and have enjoyed every moment since. My advice to young females is to follow your interests then you will spend your working life enjoying your career."


Zoe is a customer satisfaction engineer, and is based in Stonehouse, U.K.

Cathy Zhang

"International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to honor all of the women, and in fact all of the people, that have fought against gender inequality. It also provides the opportunity to pause and reflect on the fact that there is still work to be done around the world for women to defend against discrimination and inequities, particularly in education and career opportunities. 

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the progress made, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

Where I grew up, in China, March 8 is a huge celebration – women receive a half-day off to celebrate with friends, some women receive flowers from men. Women play important roles both inside and outside of the household as mothers, wives and professionals.

At Delphi Technologies, to celebrate women means that we get respect and get equal opportunities to bring us up. I am recognized by management and get lots of support, advice and help from my male colleagues. And at home, I am a mother, wife and daughter, so I get to celebrate with my family when I’m happy, and also get support and comfort from my family when I am sad or frustrated. 

The advice I would like to give to younger women is that they should be proud of being a woman, and they should rely on their inner strength, rely on themselves and never give up. Education is important for all of us, and it should not be stopped after graduation from college or university. Continuous learning and self-enhancement will make us stronger and more independent. And lastly, good work-life balance is important for family and kids, because family always is your safe harbor."


Cathy is a purchasing manager, fuel injection systems, and is based in Shanghai, China.

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