Joining forces for superior solutions
Joining forces for superior solutions.

Because two heads are always better than one.

You’re experimenting with new takes on existing
technologies to boost vehicle power loads. You’re
advancing lab diagnostics to cut development times.
In optimizing your value chain, you’ve discovered
better ways to minimize environmental impact.
Yet, as energized as you are about the breakthroughs
you have in pipeline, you’re equally as passionate at
the prospect of joining forces with your customers – to
collaborate with them and provide smart solutions to
their complex problems. You’re willing to take leaps
into the unknown, because you know that’s where
success – and the greatest rewards – often resides.
At Delphi Technologies, we recognize we can’t create
tomorrow for our customers on our own. It takes true
partnerships with committed suppliers that are willing
to invest in our combined success. It takes trust. It
takes respect. It takes you.


Partnership has its advantages.

You look at problems from unique angles. So do we.
Proof can be found not only in our tech portfolio but in
our supplier management organization. Few in the
auto sector combine their global purchasing and
supply chain operations into a single, cohesive system
like Delphi Technologies. Procurement, scheduling,
ordering, customs and logistics, to name a few, are
integrated into an end-to-end approach that’s
positioned to respond to the needs of the business and
suppliers. This makes it easier for you to partner with
Delphi Technologies. It streamlines design, planning
and execution. It removes barriers and waste. And, it
fosters holistic thinking and solutions – from the start.

Beyond this award-winning operating model, Delphi
Technologies offers you:

  • A path to influence. You’ll chart future technology roadmaps and optimize manufacturing footprints in automotive combustion, software & controls, and electrification. 
  • A commitment to diversity. You’ll be welcomed by a company with a proven track-record of opening doors for historically disadvantaged groups.
  • A commitment to integrity. You’ll stand with a company that advocates human rights and embraces ethical business practices.
  • A focus on excellence. You’ll be rewarded for your innovations, problem-solving abilities, social responsibility efforts and pushing beyond what’s required to deliver what’s truly needed.

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