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Criteria and Investment Opportunities
Delphi Strategic Investments is interested in partnering with and investing in innovative companies with leading edge automotive technology and those companies with non-automotive technologies that can be brought into the vehicle. We typically invest in Series A or subsequent rounds of funding. We typically hold minority positions in our portfolio companies, investing up to $5 million in earlier stage companies and higher amounts for more mature opportunities.

What to Provide
If you have an opportunity that may be of interest, please submit a summarized version of your business plan in English so that we may evaluate your proposal. Suggested items to include are as follows:

  • Overview of products and services
  • Stage of development and expected timeline to commercialization (if applicable) 
  • Overview of technology and differentiators
  • Value proposition for the end customer
  • Business model 
  • Customer base
  • Size of market and competitive assessment
  • Website address
  • Other key facts (address, management team members, number of employees) 
  • Contact information
  • Financial projections for the next 5 years
  • Overview of current fund raising efforts, including size of round, timing and use of funds 

What to Expect
Delphi Strategic Investments will provide initial feedback on your proposal after we have conducted our preliminary review. If there is mutual interest in exploring the investment opportunity further, we will contact you to discuss an appropriate path forward.

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