Corporate Social Responsibility: Logistics


Putting Sustainability in Motion Beyond Our Borders

Our commitment to innovate doesn't stop with our products. It also includes the packages we put them in and how we ship them to our customers. With 60 million parts shipped daily to 23,000 customer locations, we see packaging and product delivery as a significant opportunity to shrink our environmental footprint beyond our borders.

Delphi people from manufacturing, engineering and logistics, in collaboration with government and industry partners, are continually seeking new ways to reduce the amount of energy and packaging used to ship our products, yet still get them there on time and in ready-to-install condition.

From processes to packaging, these teams are challenging the mindset of “this is how it’s always been done.” They are arriving at new solutions that get to the essentials of sound logistics and eliminate waste. Some examples include:

  • Refining our delivery network. We are reducing the number of trips and their carbon emissions by maximizing the use of full-load shipments while also using cleaner modes of transportation. For instance, shifting international shipments from air to ocean cuts the amount of fuel needed per product.
  • Streamlining packaging design. By selecting packaging materials and designs that minimize packaging weight and volume, we can get more packages in the same space for shipping – reducing waste and saving energy.
  • Evaluating material and manufacturing choices. When possible, we are selecting suppliers that are closer to the plants producing parts. That way, we reduce shipping costs and energy use. Also, when we can, we are choosing materials that are renewable or reusable, such as reusable pallets to reduce waste.

These solutions require collaboration, flexibility and planning. However, we have found that by taking a hard look at how we move goods from point A to point B, and every step in between, we not only reduce our environmental impact, but we increase efficiencies and save costs.

This is what we call better solutions for better business and a better world.

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