Corporate Social Responsibility: Design & Tech


Fresh Thinking for a Safer, Greener Planet

Putting People and Planet at the Center of Our Product Designs

Protecting people. Protecting the planet. Every product we design starts with those two goals. These are fundamental principles of social responsibility, and the cornerstone of what we do in design and technology development.

We use an approach called Design for the Environment. As we design a product, we look for innovative ways to reduce its environmental impact at every stage of its life, and make driving safer while achieving the high quality and high performance our customers expect. Some of the questions we ask include:

  • Can we use less energy to make the product?
  • Can it be made of recyclable material?
  • Will it make a vehicle lighter and more fuel efficient?
  • Will it eliminate safety hazards?

By challenging ourselves with designs that answer these questions, we help our customers design and make safer vehicles with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Drivers can feel better about their reduced impact on the environment – all while safely enjoying the benefits of higher performing vehicles and the latest infotainment systems.

Our investments and fresh thinking have paid off with many recent technical developments minimizing environmental impact. These include:

  • Delphi Aluminum Cable that offers up to 48 percent weight reduction over copper core cable, trimming roughly 1.8 kg from a typical vehicle’s wiring harness. This helps to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.
  • Delphi’s award-winning vehicle sound generator that enables pedestrians to detect nearly silent hybrid and electric vehicles and allows automakers to meet upcoming global government safety legislation for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV). It is approximately three times lighter than a conventional multi-box system and uses 90 percent less power.
  • Delphi charged air coolers that enhance engine performance while helping lower exhaust emissions.
  • Delphi’s ground-breaking common rail technologies for heavy-duty diesel fuel injection equipment (FIE) that meet the requirements of Euro VI and other demanding global emissions standards.

With 17 PACE awards (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) already – more than any other supplier – and a commitment to continuing to develop our technology portfolio, we’re transforming transportation for a cleaner planet. It’s what we call innovation for the real world.

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