Corporate Social Responsibility: Products


An innovative response to responsibility. 

Delphi always has an eye on the road ahead. We develop technologies not only with growth in mind, but responsibility too. From sustainability to safety, our latest developments value and respect people and the planet.

Automated Driving
We are accelerating automated driving – in the safest possible way – from simply slowing down when approaching a vehicle, to timing a highway merge, or even calculating the safest maneuver around a cyclist.

Recently, we completed the longest automated drive from San Francisco to New York City. On the eight-day trek, the vehicle drove 99% of the 3400 highway miles autonomously. The engineering team gathered more than 3 TB of data to develop new systems for the future.

Wireless Communication
In 2014, we announced we will be supplying a North American vehicle manufacturer with V2x connectivity technology that will enable cars to talk to each other while delivering critical roadside information to drivers for the safest, most connected driving scenario.

A Cleaner Powertrain
We are helping vehicle manufacturers achieve significantly lower levels of smog forming emissions compared with vehicles made just a generation ago. From fuel efficient direct injection systems to hybrid vehicle technology, together we can collaborate to make the world greener.

Our newest Powertrain products are 25 times better at reducing evaporative emissions compared to technologies of the 1990s.