Corporate Social Responsibility: Water


Conserving a Precious Resource

Water is part of just about everything we do – from running Delphi’s manufacturing facilities to preparing meals in our cafeterias. Water is a crucial ingredient to getting the job done. So Delphi teams around the world have set out to find ways to get the same job done as well, or even better, while using less water.

Here are some examples of their work:

  • The Purple Line. Our Rio Bravo Electricos (RBE) facilities in Juarez, Mexico, have replaced approximately 30 percent of their total water usage with water from the Purple Line, a municipal water line that supplies non-potable water. This water is used for non-drinking purposes such as irrigation or restroom facilities. Reusing non-potable water from another location frees up precious drinking water for others, reduces emissions because water no longer needs to be treated, and saves money.
  • Water usage and recycling. Rigorous water tracking and inspections are leading to reduced water usage throughout our sites. At our location in Brazil, installation of water meters at different points in the pipe system made it possible to identify and fix leaks and significantly reduce overall water consumption. In India, on-site treated wastewater is recycled for irrigation of plants and trees at the facility.
  • Zero water discharge. Delphi teams are working to transform different locations into zero water discharge facilities. We are focusing first on top water-consuming facilities in areas where water is scarce, such as parts of Mexico and India. In India, two plants have already achieved zero-discharge status and sites in Mexico are on track to also achieve that goal.

We recognize that water is a resource that will only become more precious over time. Every Delphi site has set specific water use performance objectives. These objectives, coupled with Delphi’s evolving Environmental Management System, mean we have a continuous improvement process in place to reduce water use and increase water reuse and recycling around the Delphi world.

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