Corporate Social Responsibility: Waste 


Leaving Little to Waste

Delphi provides customers with a wide range of products – from electronics to cables and fuel pumps to delivery systems and safety systems and much more. Producing all those products has the potential to create different streams of waste by-products. That’s where Delphi’s three-pronged approach to addressing the challenge of waste comes in:

  1. Reduce the amount produced

  2. Reuse or recycle what is produced

  3. Track progress towards our targets so that we can continue to get better.

A Fresh Look at Reducing Waste

For many years, Delphi product and manufacturing engineers have analyzed Delphi’s manufacturing processes. These men and women applied the principles of Lean manufacturing and other methodologies to reengineer manufacturing processes to minimize waste and reduce costs while still providing our customers with the high-quality innovative products they expect. And with less waste to dispose of, less energy is used in the transport and disposal process, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Reuse and Recycle Go Hand-in-Hand

Across the world, Delphi strives to recycle as much of the waste by-products as possible.

In many countries, nearly 80 percent of waste is recycled and used by metal, electronics, paper or plastics producers. In addition to recycling our own materials, we encourage our suppliers to supply us with raw materials produced from recycled content.

Delphi is continuously investigating recycling technologies, processing methods and market opportunities for our waste.

Already, five Delphi sites are certified as landfill-free sites.*

In the United Kingdom, the Powertrain Division – Diesel site in Sudbury and the aftermarket site in Leamington Spa – is landfill-free, with Stonehouse scheduled to achieve this status in 2014.

In the United States, the Thermal Technical Center in Lockport, New York; the Thermal Test Facility in Amherst, New York; and the Troy, Michigan, offices and customer center are all landfill-free.

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