Corporate Social Responsibility: Energy


Energized about Energy Efficiency

Never before has energy efficiency been so important to consumers and industry alike. More energy efficient cars. More energy efficient operations. It’s about saving money and saving the environment. Delphi people are tackling the issue on both fronts. On the product front, one of our primary areas of innovation has been to increase vehicle energy efficiency. And on the home front, we’ve taken a hard look at our own operations to reduce our energy use.

Traveling on Less

Delphi has a full suite of fuel-efficient technologies that are designed to help make today’s gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles use less energy. Our engineers pioneered the development of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, with more than 20 years of experience in designing their propulsion systems. In addition, we are:

  • Exploring ways to make vehicle components lighter to increase efficiency.
  • Advancing Gasoline Direct-Injection Compression-Ignition (GDCi) to help increase efficiency.
  • Enhancing air conditioning systems with sensor sets that minimize the energy required to cool the interior of a car.
  • Providing manufacturers with a broad portfolio of HEV and EV components and systems to increase the peak performance of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Reducing Energy Use Daily

From the plant floor to the executive suite, employees across Delphi are working together to conserve energy in our day-to-day operations. By sharing best practices, we are impacting every region in which we operate. Some of our best practices include:

  • Adopting renewable energy sources. Eleven Delphi plants across Mexico have replaced 30 percent of their electric energy needs with energy from renewable resources, a move that saves both natural resources and dollars. In fact, the savings amounts to the energy consumption of 27,300 homes in Mexico.
  • Upgrading to more efficient heating and cooling systems. In Changchun, China, the installation of 33 new water-cooling fans effectively reduces temperatures within the plant, leaving workers more comfortable in the hot summer months and saving energy and maintenance costs.
  • Saving energy by saving water. Recognizing that saving water saves energy because of reduced water treatment, Delphi facilities are implementing water savings projects across the globe. Some Delphi facilities are even striving to become zero water discharge facilities.
  • Installing air compressors. Five sites in Europe have installed air compressors with heat recovery systems. As a result natural gas consumption was reduced by a factor of 10 compared to an average year’s use, and by a factor of 20 compared to a peak year.

Whether we are making drivers happier with better fuel economy or using less energy to run our company, the people of Delphi are energized about delivering innovative ways to increase energy efficiency.

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