Corporate Social Responsibility: Diversity


Opening Doors Through Diversity

At Delphi, we see diversity as a catalyst for innovation, opening doors to new product development and to new ways to delight consumers around the world. Our worldwide team is made up of people of different backgrounds, perspectives and talents. It is a diverse team for a diverse world.

Attracting, developing and retaining a talented and diverse workforce are vital to our continued success. At Delphi, we are committed to creating a workplace environment that encourages and enables every team member to contribute fully. We foster diversity through:

  • Employee recruiting activities
  • Leadership’s commitment to create an inclusive and empowering culture
  • Employee development programs
  • Management succession planning
  • Company-wide diversity training

By creating an environment that empowers every employee to work to his or her full potential and by fostering an inclusive environment that encourages diversity of thought, Delphi is able to deliver innovations that are meaningful to customers worldwide, and to their customers.

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