Delphi Technologies shows growing CV electrification capability at IAA

  • Show news to include new powertrain controller and electrification technologies
  • IAA preview for innovations in high-precision fuel injection and engine management systems for more efficient combustion

London, United Kingdom - Monday, 17 September 2018 - At IAA 2018, Delphi Technologies, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced propulsion systems, will show its next-generation electrification and engine management systems for commercial vehicles. By focusing on efficiency, light-weight and ease of integration, the company believes it offers commercial vehicle manufacturers the flexibility they need to cost-effectively meet the increasingly specialist requirements of a wide range of applications.

"We see growing demand for flexible, scalable technologies that allow powertrains to be optimised for their application," says Delphi Technologies chief technology officer Mary Gustanski. "In electrification, we are already strong in control systems and high-efficiency power electronics and we are accelerating our investments in areas such as next-generation multi domain controllers, capacitors and high-powered electronics. 

The company's CV electrification portfolio includes inverters, high voltage DC-DC converters, 48 Volt DC-DC converters, powertrain control systems and on-board charging systems, complemented by expertise in software, engine management, integration, and high-quality manufacturing.

At IAA, Delphi Technologies will also show its new micro-valve fuel injector, capable of more precise and accurate fuel delivery, which is now entering pilot production. This innovation will highlight the company's expertise in fuel injection and engine management, where it has established a global reputation for robust, flexible systems. The company also has a successful fuel system for medium-heavy duty applications of natural gas, which it describes as 'an interesting, clean fuel with great potential.'

For light duty commercial vehicles, Delphi Technologies offers a choice of diesel or gasoline direct injection including the first implementation of GDi operating at up to 350 bar, slashing the cost of aftertreatment required to achieve next-generation emission compliance. The company believes that GDi with electrification provides a compelling solution for light duty vehicles, especially those employed in a stop-start duty cycle.

"Commercial Vehicles is a demanding sector where reliability and fuel economy are as important as low emissions and affordability," concludes Gustanski. "We now have an industry leading portfolio of flexible technologies that help vehicle manufacturers offer each end-user sector the solution that is right for them, from conventional and hybrid powertrains to zero-emissions EV. Growth in our orderbook suggests we have got it right."


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Also, at IAA Delphi Technologies will be launching its new CV electrification strategy and its new micro-valve fuel injector, both explained in dedicated press releases available here: 

Invitation to Insight Media Event

On October 16th, Delphi Technologies will be holding a CV Technologies Insight Day at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Stonehouse, UK. The evening before there will be a media reception and a presentation by the UK's Advanced Propulsion Centre looking at the CV technology roadmap to 2040. For an invitation, please contact Anthony Hornsby on +44 1295 277050


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Delphi Technologies is a technology company focused on providing electric vehicle and internal combustion engine propulsion solutions, in addition to solving emissions and fuel economy challenges for the world's leading automotive OEM's. Delphi also provides leading aftermarket service solutions for the replacement market. With Headquarters in London, U.K., Delphi Technologies operates technical centres, manufacturing sites, and customer support services in 24 countries.

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