Delphi Technologies delivers the electrified future for commercial vehicles

  • 400- & 800-Volt system for lighter weight, greater range and faster charging.
  • New electrification manufacturing facilities in China and Poland

London, United Kingdom - Wednesday, 19 September 2018 - Delphi Technologies, a leading provider of advanced propulsion solutions to global vehicle manufacturers, is ready to deliver the future with electrified solutions for commercial vehicles. The solutions are focused on innovations in electrification and power electronics, two technology sectors where the company believes a fresh approach can bring amongst the most significant and cost-effective benefits to vehicle manufacturers and operators. 

"This is a logical step for Delphi Technologies as it brings together three closely aligned areas where we already have considerable expertise," explains Martin Knopf, managing director, electronics & electrification EMEA. "Our electrification technologies for passenger cars are already winning substantial new business and are directly scalable; we have proven capability in state-of-the-art CV engine management and powertrain control technologies; and finally, our long-term relationships with leading CV manufacturers around the world give us a proven understanding of the duty cycles and other specialist requirements of each CV sector."

This deep sector expertise has allowed Delphi Technologies to align its capability with the electrification strategies of its customers. An example is the new Viper high voltage power switch with superior thermal management and packaging as a key subcomponent inside its inverters. Inverters, which transform direct current from the batteries to alternating current for the e-drive motor are one of the highest-value electrification components and their efficiency has a big impact on vehicle performance. 

"Range and charging time are even more critical to CV operators than they are to passenger cars," says Delphi Technologies commercial vehicle sales director Richard Green. "Electrification has also traditionally not been particularly light or compact, both of which are critical to operators who need to carry paying passengers or cargo, not additional technology. Our Viper differentiated power switch is designed with no wire bonds which greatly improves reliability and thermal management, which is crucial in electric powertrains. The net result is that our inverter is 30-40 percent smaller and lighter than the competition, and innovations such as the Delphi Technologies Viper make this possible."

Revealing more of the company's technology roadmap, Green says the global engineering team is already working with CV customers on electrification at up to 800 Volts. "Higher voltages allow smaller, lighter electrification systems, increasing vehicle capacity and allowing faster charging to help keep them working," he says. "Further along our technology roadmap we are confident that power electronics based on silicon carbide semiconductors will allow another step-change in efficiency, and again, Delphi Technologies expects to be one of the first to market with a highly-robust system."

Delphi Technologies electrification solutions will be developed and manufactured in every region, with new facilities currently being built in Poland and China. Once operational, the Polish facility, located at Blonie, will manufacture DC-DC converters, inverters and control units.


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Delphi Technologies is a technology company focused on providing electric vehicle and internal combustion engine propulsion solutions, in addition to solving emissions and fuel economy challenges for the world's leading automotive OEMs. Delphi also provides leading aftermarket service solutions for the replacement market. With Headquarters in London, U.K., Delphi Technologies operates technical centres, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 24 countries.

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