Delphi Demonstrates DPF300 Master Series at the ADS Tradeshow and Convention

Delphi Product & Service Solutions is excited to add the DPF300 Master Series to its existing line of Hartridge Test Equipment products. Heavy duty diesel particulate filter (DPF) maintenance is a crucial service requirement for an efficient operation of today’s modern engines, so Delphi is proud to show off the DPF300 Master Series in action at the ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists) Tradeshow and Convention in Las Vegas, NV, August 8-11, 2017.

The Hartridge DPF300 Master Series is an essential tool for extending diesel particulate filter life. It uses proven patented technology to help remove all soot and ash to restore the function of clogged DPFs, as well as return backpressure to its original specifications. The typical cleaning time takes approximately 15-45 minutes depending on the volume of air supply available and the state of the DPF.

Regularly cleaning diesel particulate filters is an essential service requirement as it can:

  • Cut running cost
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Increase DPF service life
  • Avoid secondary damage due to failed DPFs

The DPF300 Master Series includes four key components: the DPF300 Master to clean and empty DPFs, the DPF310 Master to remove soot and ash, the DPF320 Master to conduct a flow test and the DPF330 Master to thermally regenerate the DPFs.

“The DPF300 Master Series is a vital addition to our line of Hartridge test equipment products,” says Chad Smith, Vice President, North America. “As it is an essential tool for today’s engines, we have high confidence that our customers will find success with the product by placing their trust in the Delphi and Hartridge brands.”

In addition to demonstrating the DPF300 Master Series, Delphi also showed off the Hartridge Sabre CRi Master, Toledo HEUI Master, HK1400 Universal Test Bench and its line of all makes remanufactured diesel fuel injectors at ADS. For more information, check out and

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North America Brand Manager, Delphi Product & Service Solutions

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