close up of automotive fuel injector
Multec 14 High-Pressure Fuel Injector: A quick response.

Higher pressures equal better performance for GDi fuel injectors.

Sometimes the best solution to a high-pressure problem is, well, applying more pressure. And speed. That's the approach we took with our next-generation fuel injectors, the Multec™ 14 (M14). These gasoline direct injection (GDi) devices are the first in the industry to preform at 350-bar pressures and deliver best-in-class speeds and durability.

How good are they? When compared to our Multec™ 12 (M12), M14s deliver:

  • 20 percent faster opening times.
  • 20 precent faster closing times.

Better, when compared to competitive 200 bar systems, they achieve 30 percent faster injection speeds. This translates into better combustion, generating fewer hydrocarbon snd particulate emissions, as well as reduced fuel consumption.

Now that's relief!

A higher bar in GDi.

Let's step back for just a moment and talk about GDi in general. These advanced propulsion systems inject fuel directly into the combustion chamber at high pressures. Going direct allows better performance from today's smaller turbocharged engines, delivering improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions without sacrificing the performance. 

But there's a catch. Several, actually.

With GDi, particulate emissions rise - both in mass (PM) and number (PN) - due to shorter, direct-to-combustion air/fuel mixing time. This can create soot particulates in the chamber that get vented into the air, especially with cold starts. Durability, noise and costs are also concerns given system complexities and the high-pressure operating environments.

So, what to do? At Delphi Technologies, we actually turned up the pressure, from the industry norm of 200 bar to 350 bar. This more than 50 percent increase in fuel pressure enabled us to enhance compression, reducing fuel droplet size and boosting injection speeds. Smaller droplets shot faster into the combustion chamber enhances evaporation and, better evap equals fewer PM/PN.

How much better? Our 350 bar GDi system generates 70 percent fewer and smaller exhaust particulates than current systems, allowing you to hit both Euro 6d and China 6 emissions standards with a single solution with simpler aftertreatment systems.

A key player in this higher-bar pressure success was the M14.

Gasoline Direct Injection

Faster really is better.

In developing the M14, our engineers had to determine ways to leverage system pressure, yet also protect the injectors from it. Increased pressure puts enormous strain on the injectors, leading to shorter lifespans and possible failures. They also had to watch size and weight to maintain packaging flexibility and avoid back-end hits to fuel economy. And, then there's cost. From materials to manufacturing to ongoing maintenance, the team had to be both revolutionary and realistic.

Using the Multec 12 as the base, our engineers:

  • Reduced spray valve internal friction and component weight to increase injector speed and performance.
  • Leveraged new materials and fabrication techniques to simultaneously shrink size and complexity, while stepping-up strength and containing costs. 
  • Reduced the number of welds to remove stress points and improve durability.
  • Redesigned the seat to simplify manufacturing, improve corrosion resistance and enhance structural integrity.
  • Improved mounting methods to better withstand higher pressures and minimize injector-to-cylinder head misalignments.
  • Optimized magnetic circuits to better trigger and manage injector events.
  • Improved fuel flow efficiency through reduced internal friction and redesigning the armature assembly.

At the end of the 18-month development cycle, our engineers created a new, high pressure injector that's better, faster and more durable. And, it could hit customer targets on particulate emissions and costs. 

Another important feature: M14 injectors are designed so that they can be adapted for use with any GDi system. That means you can quickly and easily integrate them into your existing GDi platforms with minimal downtime. 

Looking ahead.

The latest estimates from several research firms project the global GDi market will grow in excess of 10 percent annually through 2026. As such, we plan to help fuel that demand through ongoing bar pressure and injector advancements. This includes forging rails and injectors into seamless packages that can withstand 500-plus bar pressures. Contact us today to discover what we have in store and and how we can help you on your path to GDi success.