International Women's Day

International Women’s Day
We all have a story to tell. What inspires us. What drives us to do what we do. Why we forge new paths; create new roads to travel. This International Women’s Day, we tell four unique stories from four unique women on our team. We learn what inspired them to become an engineer, how Delphi has helped them along their journey and what advice they can give to future female engineers. Or as we like to say the future bright minds of Delphi. 

International Women's Day - Kiruba

Kiruba, advanced software engineer, Bangalore, India 
“At Delphi, engineers are measured by their output, so being a woman in the field has never really been an obstacle here,” says Kiruba.

Kiruba got started in the engineering field because she always wanted to be part of creating innovative solutions and solving complex challenges, and thanks to Delphi, has been able to be an active member of the team making automated driving a reality.

“Though engineering is traditionally seen as a male dominant field, recognition has always been based on my ability,” said Kiruba. “Believe in your own ability and, as everyone says, be a hard worker. Both are essential for success.”

Michele, technical fellow, Advanced ADAS Systems, Agoura Hills, California, USA
Michele had a passion for math and science that started at a young age, and was inspired to pursue a career in engineering after taking a high school chemistry class. 

“Mrs. Kinsella, my high school chemistry teacher, nurtured my love of science and chemistry, and taught me that I could excel at anything I put my mind to,” said Michele.

After high school, Michele pursued a degree in Computer Science, and spent eight years working on aircraft missile systems before joining Delphi 23 years ago.

“Delphi has provided me the opportunity to work on cutting edge safety technologies,” said Michele. “Juggling being a mother, while having a very challenging and demanding career has been a hard at times, but Delphi has provided me with a flexible work environment that enabled me to adjust my schedule and work location to also meet family demands.”

And her advice for women entering the engineering field?

“Seek out companies that provide flexible environments for working parents, foster open and collaborative work environments, and have a track record of promoting women from within,” said Michele. “Take your time and try to find an environment that will be supportive, and provide opportunities for technical growth and development.”

International Women's Day - Ghizlane

Ghizlane, EOS & CI Morocco country manager, Tangier, Morocco 
Ghizlane always wanted to be an engineer, and being a female never got in her way.

“Since I was young, I liked science because it allowed me to use my creativity every day to meet challenges and make things happen,” said Ghizlane. “Delphi has allowed me to broaden and deepen those experiences by giving me an environment that challenges me to obtain new skills and capabilities.”

“At Delphi, there is no difference between men and women; ability and willingness to climb the career ladder are the keys for a successful career.”

Ghizlane tells women entering the engineering field to take every opportunity given to learn something new.

“Learn a lot and build the bridge between theory and practice by gaining experience in the real world,” said Ghizlane. “Challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and continuously work to improve.”

International Women's Day - Nicole

Nicole, IE Supervisor, Shanghai, China   
Nicole knew from a young age that she wanted to be an engineer.

“When I was young, my father was an influential role model to me,” said Hu. “He was a tool engineer and inspired me to follow in his footsteps to become an engineer.”

Nicole started her undergraduate study in mechanical automation, and joined Delphi soon after, where she has remained throughout her career.

“I’ve spent my whole career with Delphi, and it’s always been a positive environment, everyone here is always treated equally with respect,” said Nicole.

And her biggest advice for all female newcomers to the engineering field? 

“Perform your job superbly. All new female engineers should be enthusiastic, self-motivating and hard working.”