Delphi to Provide Active Safety Systems for Next-Generation Great Wall Motors SUVs

Active safety technology – ranging from cameras to radar – reduces accidents by helping drivers avoid vehicles in their blind spots, stay between the traffic lanes and adjust speed without abruptly braking. 

Automakers around the world are adding more active safety technology to their vehicles each model year. Great Wall Motors, the largest Chinese SUV manufacturer, has selected Delphi to provide a suite of active safety technologies for its next-generation SUVs. The Great Wall Haval series of SUVs have been the best-selling SUV in China for 14 consecutive years.  

Beginning in 2019, Delphi will supply the Intelligent Forward View camera (IFV), Mid-Range Radars (MRR) and Short-Range Radars (SRR) to Great Wall Motors for its next-generation SUV products. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the technology:

  • Delphi’s Intelligent Forward View camera offers vehicle manufacturers a scalable architecture for their forward-looking safety system. This compact, highly efficient camera uses a single imager and enables target classification, sensing, and tracking capability, required for multiple safety functions including lane departure warning, forward collision warning, automatic headlight control and pedestrian detection. The most advanced version of the IFV in production will be supplied to GWM.

  • Delphi’s high performance Short-Range Radar was the first 76GHz radar in the automotive market. It offers 360-degree sensing, and is able to effectively identify objects and distinguish space in complex and disorderly environments. It enables multiple safety features including blind spot detection, lane-change merge aid, cross- traffic alert and lateral collision avoidance. The SRR supplied to GWM features a Safe Exit Alert feature that prevents a collision between the vehicle and cyclists when passenger or driver exits the vehicle.

  • Delphi’s Mid-Range Radar was developed based on 76GHz, and weighs only 200 grams (less than 0.5 pounds). In production since January 2017, this cost-efficient radar enables advanced emergency braking in urban driving and basic adaptive cruise control. 

Active safety technologies are increasingly common technologies in current vehicles and are important building blocks for automated driving. Implementation of active safety systems will not only significantly improve safety, but also pave the way to adoption higher levels of automated driving.