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Delphi's First Coast-to-Coast Automated Drive

Delphi Automotive demonstrated the full capabilities of its active safety technologies with the longest automated drive ever attempted in North America. The coast-to-coast trip launched in San Francisco on March 22 and covered nearly 3,400 miles finishing in New York City. 

The journey allowed Delphi engineers to gather critical data and further advance the company’s active safety technology development in this rapidly growing segment of the auto industry. During the cross-country trek, the vehicle was challenged under a variety of driving conditions from changing weather and terrain to potential road hazards -- things that could never truly be tested in a lab.

Below are photos from this historic trip that were taken from the launch through the arrival in New York City nine days later.

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Arriving in New York City

Automated Driving Car Crossing Bridge
Automated driving car on highway with New York City background
Automated driving vehicle side view version 1
Automated driving vehicle side view version 2

Photos from the Cross Country Road Trip


Leaving San Francisco


Delphi Drive Announcement Photos

Delphi's Audi SQ5-equipped Automated Driving Vehicle demonstrated at CES 2015 on the streets of Las Vegas can perform both highway and urban driving scenarios.
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Delphi's software combined with it's active safety features helps automated driving vehicle navigate complex driving scenarios. Shown here is a read out of what the car sees or detects while in automated mode.
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Delphi's Audi SQ5-equipped Automated Driving Vehicle demonstrated at CES 2015 on the streets of Las Vegas.
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Car Garage Composite
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Inside the car using Delphi's automated driving technology showing person in the driver's seat not using any hands to drive the vehicle.
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Delphi 2015 US Cross country drive map with car image that says "U.S. coast-to-coast automated drive."
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