Delphi Environmental Testing Services in Wiehl, Germany

Leveraging our highly experienced local team, Delphi offers comprehensive environmental testing services from our Wiehl facility. From requirements analysis, specification review and root cause analysis to re-design support and reliability testing, the team is dedicated to serving your environmental testing needs.


  • Vibration / Shock (combined with climate)
    • Maximum payload: 160kg
    • Frequency range: 10Hz to 2000Hz
    • Acceleration sine (peak): 735.5m/s2
    • Acceleration random (rms): 588.4m/s2
    • Peak force: 9.8kN
    • Displacement: 50.8mm peak-peak
  • Thermal / Climatic
    • Temperature cycling: -70ºC to 180ºC
    • Climatic cycling (with dew option)
    • PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient): up to 15K/minute, max. 2000L
    • Temperature: maximum 300ºC
    • Temperature shock: 2 chamber method

Thermal / Climatic Testing Chambers

Climatic Testing with Robot

  • Electrical Stress Testing (automated)
    • Interrupt
    • Short
    • Overload and FET (field-effect transistor) Overload
    • Current step
    • Melting fuse
  • Thermo-graphic Analysis
    • Infrared detector: 320*240 pixel, 1.3MP live video overlay
    • Measurement range: -40ºC to 600ºC
    • Thermic resolution: 0.08K at 30º

Thermo-graphic Analysis

  • Bus System / Functional Testing
    • CAN
    • LIN
  • Accelerated Testing / HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) / Robustness Validation
    • Maximum gradient: 100K/min
    • Temperature range: -95ºC to 200ºC
    • Maximum mass: 50gRMS
    • Frequency range: 2Hz to 10kHz
    • HALT during the prototype phase

HALT Setup with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

  • Type approval testing (Environmental)
    • Alarm systems
    • Imobilizer
  • Visual Inspection
    • Stereoscopic microscope
    • Scan system for printed circuit boards (PCBs) (86megapixel)
    • Werth optical analysis system

Visual Inspection

Accreditation Certificates


Contact Information

For more information on the environmental testing services offered in Wiehl, Germany contact:

Validation Testing Services
D-51674 Wieh
Tel: 49.0.2261.971.0