Delphi Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Services in Wiehl, Germany

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is a vital part of successful manufacturing with electronic components. Delphi's test facility can identify product susceptibility to electrostatic discharge during the validation process, saving a manufacturer time and money.


  • EMC / EMI (electromagnetic interference) test methods [Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLRP), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE )]
    • Semi-anechoic / anechoic chamber method
    • TEM (transverse electromagnetic)-cell  test method
    • Stripline method 
    • BCI (bulk current injection) test method
    • Triplate method
    • Magnetic field method
    • Conducted emissions
    • Conducted immunity [ISO (International Organization for Standardization) pulses]
  • EMC testing expertise
    • Airbag ESD (electrostatic discharge) testing
    • General ESD testing
    • Bluetooth® compatibility
    • W-LAN (wireless local area network) compatibility

Electrostatic discharge
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Homologation
    • Radio approval testing
    • Worldwide RF homologation

Remote control - RF homologation
  • European type approval E / e-marking
    • Vehicle component type approval,EMC testing, ECE-R 10 & 72/245/EEC e
    • Type approval testing for alarm systems and immobilizer 95/56/EG, ECE-R 97, ECE-R 116
  • Product testing
    • Automotive – full accredited
    • AEMCLRP accredited
    • Railway – product testing
    • Maritime – product testing
    • Electronics – testing

Radiated emission / immunity test chamber

Accreditation Certificates

  • DAKKS: EMC, AEMCLRP and radio frequency testing
  • KBA / SNCH: EMC and environmental testing and automotive homologation 
  • BSH - Maritime product testing

Contact Information

For more information on the environmental testing services offered in Wiehl, Germany contact:

Validation Testing Services
D-51674 Wiehl

EMC/CE Center
Zum Scherbusch 3
D-51674 Wiehl

Tel: 49.0.2261.971.0

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