Delphi Intelligent Forward View Camera (100 Series)

Delphi's 100 series of the Intelligent Forward View Camera (IFV-100) offers vehicle manufacturers the flexibility of scalable architecture for their forward looking safety system needs. The camera is specifically designed to help VMs implement Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning systems that are New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)-compliant.

Allowing for a customized feature set using common hardware, the IFV-100 uses a single imager and intelligent image processing techniques to provide target classification, robust sensing, and tracking capability for multiple safety and convenience functions. Integration of the imager and electronics into a single unit enables multiple safety and convenience enhancements at a lower cost than independent systems.

Leading-edge components include:

  • Complementary metal oxide semi-conductor, high dynamic range (CMOS HDR) camera with high-performance optics
    • 45-degree horizontal field of view
    • 29 -degree vertical field of view
  • Sophisticated image processor
  • Delphi-developed feature algorithms

IFV-100 Enabled Features

  • Lane Departure Warning
    • Forward looking camera monitors lane markings and alerts drivers when the vehicle approaches or crosses lane markings
    • Alert suppressed when the turn signal is in use
  • Forward Collision Warning
    • Warns drivers of hazards ahead, helping to increase available reaction time and reduce the potential for a crash, injury and property damage
  • Automatic Headlight Control
    • Activates high beams according to light and traffic conditions
    • Dims headlights for on-coming traffic
    • Dims headlights when approaching vehicles from the rear
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
    • Detects and classifies traffic signs
    • Provides traffic sign information including speed limits and curve speed alerts