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Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) is one of the world's most advanced production diesel unit injectors for high performance heavy duty applications. The Delphi E3 EUI integrates a high pressure pump and separately controlled nozzle needle into a single fuel injection device. It is driven by the engine's overhead camshaft, with one EUI per cylinder. Delphi's E3 EUI dual valve design offers enhanced fuel delivery control at high-speed, ultra high pressure operation and many advanced features including a flexible injection capability enabling pilot, post and split injections to reduce engine noise and exhaust emissions.

The Delphi E3 EUI is designed to help manufacturers meet the world's most stringent emissions regulations. It is the flagship of Delphi's extensive range of high quality EUI products, which are designed to fit the same injector pocket. This allows manufacturers the freedom to meet a variety of emissions standards with the same cylinder head design.

Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector


  • High speed dual valve operation for accurate control of injection events
  • High pressure injection for optimized combustion and reduced aftertreatment
  • Lightweight, compact design for enhanced efficiency
  • Available with a wide range of high pressure nozzle options
  • Multiple injection capability with programmable shot-to-shot injection control
  • Programmable variable nozzle opening and closing pressure
  • On board diagnostic and dynamic trimming capability (glitch control)
  • Cost effective technology
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • Target emissions: Euro IV, V, and VI; US 07 and US 10 and beyond; Tier IV; Japan NLTR and post-Japan NLTR

Typical Applications

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector is suitable for nine to 16 liter heavy duty diesel engines used for on- and off-highway applications, including trucks, buses, generators, marine, and construction and agricultural equipment.

Specifications: (Chart)

 Plunger diameter range  9 mm to 11 mm
 Stroke range  Up to 19 mm
 Engine cylinder capacity  1.5 L to 2.6 L
 Peak pressure  2,500 bar
 Weight  1.1 kg
 Drive voltage  50 V (operates on 12 V and 24 V vehicles) 

Performance Advantages

The Delphi E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector provides a major advantage for diesel engine manufacturers in meeting extremely stringent future emissions requirements. And with optimized hydraulic performance and one million miles durability, it represents a significant advancement in heavy duty diesel fuel injection technology.

The Delphi E3 EUI helps achieve extremely low smoke/particulate levels at any engine load and speed and, thus, helps reduce the need for large and costly aftertreatment devices.

The Delphi Advantage

Delphi is a world leader in innovation, design and the manufacture of heavy duty diesel fuel systems. Delphi has many years experience in the heavy duty market and a long history of working closely with engine manufacturers. Delphi heavy duty diesel fuel systems can be found on millions of engines around the world.

As a global leader in engine management systems, Delphi can help manufacturers meet emissions requirements, improve fuel economy and enhance performance. Delphi is a source for high value solutions and our systems expertise is built into every product. Delphi's flexible engineering approach encourages collaboration. And, Delphi has a thorough understanding of markets around the world and a global network of resources.