Delphi Reconfigurable Displays

Delphi offers full-color, high-resolution and entirely reconfigurable displays. Designed to allow maximum flexibility for styling, functionality and information content, these displays are developed as a part of our user experience optimization process. Using information gathered from numerous human factors studies in their design, Delphi Reconfigurable Displays help provide vehicle manufacturers with an answer to the increased consumer demand for connectivity without compromising safety.


  • Enable brand differentiation in the marketplace with personalized content based on driver preferences and demographics
  • Enhance safety by moving the display of information that is most necessary and useful within a 20-degree field of view of the driver
  • Scalable hardware architecture supports multiple platform requirements and simplifies future system upgrades
  • Downloadable custom graphic display skins can offer branding and e-commerce opportunities

Delphi Reconfigurable Displays offer flexibility for styling, functionality and content.


  • Product versatility
    • From hybrid to fully reconfigurable displays
  • Personalization
    • Custom graphical skins can be downloaded and applied to the cluster