Delphi Hybrid Cluster

Delphi's Hybrid Cluster combines cost-effective traditional cluster design and reconfigurable or solid state digital displays to offer vehicle manufacturers flexibility in information content and styling. Using the building block design philosophy, Delphi provides high quality, competitive solutions to enhance our customers' vehicles.


  • Offers a feature that can differentiate a brand or model
  • Enhances safety by locating driver information such as navigation directly in front of the driver
  • Allows more styling, graphic and information content flexibility
  • Offers potential to eliminate duplicate driver information center


  • Displays – VF & TN to TFT LCD technology
  • Enhanced aesthetics
    • Flat or formed appliqués with 10-12 color passes
    • Painted retainers
    • Chrome gage rings
    • Multi-level gage placement
    • Select color technology
  • Patented LED color backlighting technology
  • Patented hard-coated lens technology provides premium durability at no additional cost