Body and Security

Delphi Ultrasonic Interior Protection System

Delphi's ultrasonic interior protection system is designed to detect intrusion into the vehicle's interior and trigger an alarm. Using an inclination sensor, it also helps to protect against tow-away theft.

The Delphi Advantage

  • Experience
    • More than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of alarm system components
    • Global design and manufacturing footprint
    • Testing and vehicle integration expertise
  • Performance
    • Extremely high quality security sensor integrated into reliable, cost-effective package from the market leader in OEM security business
    • Integrated into vehicle E/E architecture via LIN bus to BCM
  • Value
    • Highest system flexibility, meeting the needs of multiple vehicle styles (coupe to van)
      • Two and three sensor systems
      • Slave sensor for long vans
      • Optional inclination sensor
    • Excellent interior protection and inclination sensing (anti-tow protection) with extremely low false alarm rate
    • Extremely high quality performance
    • Compliant with type approval regulations as well as insurance demands
    • PC-based database records alarm and false alarm events to enable algorithm improvements
    • Tool chain for parameter settings and test optimize time to market
    • Very small size and extremely low current consumption

Delphi's Ultrasonic Interior Protection System is highly flexible, with two or three sensor inputs and an optional inclination sensor.

Currently Available

  • More than 3 million units produced annually
  • More than 30 million sensors in the field


  • Detects intrusion into the vehicle's interior and triggers alarm
  • Uses a combination of Pulse-Echo (PE) mode and Continuous-Wave (CW) mode
    • PE mode allows low quiescent current consumption
    • CW mode protects against false alarms


  • Mechanical / Environmental
    • Current consumption: 1 mA (armed mode)
    • IP class: IP5K0
    • Housing: Plastic housing PPTV20
    • Weight: 28g
    • Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Inclination Sensor
    • Measuring range: ± 25° angle
    • Alarm angle accuracy: ±0,1° angle
    • Sensitivity: ≤(0,1)°
    • Alarm angle range: (0,8 to 5,0)°
    • Sample rate: 2/8Hz
  • Inputs / Outputs
    • LIN
    • +12V
    • GND
    • Slave interface connector: 4 way 0.63 MQS