Body and Security

Delphi 2.2 Truck Body Controller

The Delphi 2.2 Truck Body Controller monitors vehicle subsystems and responds to user interface requests, enabling a wide variety of vehicle features, including theater dimming, wiper control, memory seat, memory mirror, and battery rundown protection. Using a primary software set and calibrations, the system allows vehicle manufacturers to determine which vehicle features to enable, permitting customization via flash memory for a variety of applications. The controller also provides manufacturers with mounting flexibility. The small package enables easy installation in a variety of passenger-compartment locations using snap-fit brackets. The newest in a series of Delphi truck body controllers, the 2.2 Truck Body Controller helps monitor vehicle performance, enhance comfort and convenience of owners, and provide maximum flexibility in functionality and installation.


  • Maximizes feature flexibility through flash programming of calibrations and software updates
  • Includes serial data master control
  • Provides battery rundown protection
  • Enables remote interior illumination
  • Enhances comfort and convenience
    • Memory seats and mirrors
    • Door locks
    • Remote keyless entry
  • Enables light-sensitive and wiper-activated automatic headlamps
  • Provides self and subsystem diagnostics


  • Flash programmable memory (96k)
  • Class 2 communication bus compatible
  • 88 I/O pins
  • Charge and energy subsystem
  • Entry control subsystem
  • Exterior and interior lighting subsystems
  • Memory subsystem
  • Occupant information subsystem
  • Personalization subsystem
  • Power moding subsystem
  • Steering wheel controls subsystem
  • Theft-deterrence subsystem
  • Windows subsystem
  • Wipe/wash subsystem
  • HVAC subsystem

Typical Applications

  • Medium-duty commercial vehicles
  • Medium-duty passenger vehicles