CTCS Interconnection System 

A world of transportation

Similarly to the automotive market, the transportation market is advancing in the areas of safety, connectivity, and efficiency. However, despite many similarities, it has higher performance requirements and must abide by more stringent government regulations on emission reduction.

First, commercial and recreation vehicles are often exposed to higher levels of environmental forces, including vibration, dust, water, debris, and temperatures. Second, to address the evolving emission regulations, powertrain components are designed to be more efficient, in turn driving complexity in the electrical system and requiring higher component reliability. These two factors drive the demand for more robust connection systems designed specifically with the market’s unique conditions in mind.

Designed for the green truck generation

CTCS connector and CTS terminal family
has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and heavy duty applications, specifically to address new emission regulations and enable the generation of environmentally friendly vehicles. This heavy duty connection system provides superior resistance against vibration and environmental forces, protecting the integrity of the electrical system from high operating temperatures, debris, and water.

CTCS/CTS family 
serves as a reliable backbone to all vehicle electronics, including powertrain, safety, entertainment, and telematics.

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Robust features and meaningful benefits

Versatile connection system: 
  • A complete portfolio of connectors, accessories, terminals, seals, and hand crimp tools
  • Terminal flexibility: interchangeable with other industry terminals
  • Mounting flexibility: Panel (for pass through and bulkhead), Strap/Clip (for wire tie or clip),
    and Bracket (for bulkhead)
  • Application flexibility: perfect for cab, chassis, engine compartment, and on-engine applications
  • Offered in both non-V0 and V0 materials
Unparalleled reliability and performance:
Improved vibration resistance
  • Sine vibration: up to 30 G; random vibration: 20 Grms; up to 330 hrs/axis
  • Robust back shells further improve strain relief performance 
High temperature ratings
  • Up to -40C˚ to +140C˚
  • Superior terminal design with high pre-loaded stainless steel spring reduces relaxation of terminal
    base body
Superior environmental protection
  • Additional connector shielding for protection against debris ingress
  • IP67, IP69 (IEC) and IP6K7, IP6K9K (ISO) sealing rating for highest protection against water intrusion
Designed with the transportation customer in mind:
  • Robust solution from an electrical component expert with over 100 years of experience
  • Meets or exceeds a wide range of commercial vehicle validation standards

A wide family range

The CTCS family includes terminals, seals, connectors, connector accessories, and hand crimp tools. 

CTCS connectors offer a wide application versatility and a perfect match for your design needs. CTCS connector range covers:

  • Inline and device applications
  • 2 through 62 way configurations
  • 1.5, 2.8, 6.3 mm blade sizes, or mixed cavity configurations
  • Sealed and unsealed applications
  • Flame-resistant material option (V0)
  • Panel, strap/clip, and bracket male mounting options
  • Two different lock assist mechanisms for sealed connectors: Slider lock and Lever lock

Performance CTCS Unsealed CTCS SP CTCS XP
Max Vibration: Sine (G) / Random (Grms) / 2.17 23.9 / 12.4 30.6 / 18
Max temperature (°C): -40 to +85 -40 to +120 -40 to +140
Sealing IP: 5x / 5K 69 / 6K9K 69 / 6K9K
Flame resistance: Non-V0 Non-V0 and V0 Non-V0 and V0
Available cavity configurations: 4, 18, 25, 36 15, 21, 26, 39, 62 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18
Mounting options: None Panel and Bracket Panel and Strap/Clip
Lock assist type: Standard and lever lock Lever lock Slider lock
Applications: Cab Chassis and engine compartment Chassis, engine compartment and on-engine

CTCS connector family is compatible with both Delphi and other industry terminals. Delphi’s CTS tanged terminals offer premium vibration, temperature, and sealing performance. Terminal range covers:

  • 1.5, 2.8, and 6.3 mm blade sizes
  • 0.08-6.0 mm² / 28-10 awg cable sizes
  • Tin, silver, and gold plating options

CTCS housings can be supplemented with optional accessories, which can further improve vibration resistance performance and harness interconnection integrity. The following accessories, produced by HellermannTyton, are available: 

  • 180º or 90º back shells
  • 1.0-3.5 mm² fixing slides
  • Caps
  • Clips and wire ties
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CTCS Connectors Accesories

Both cable seal and cavity plug options are available, covering a wide range of cable gages and all CTCS cavity sizes.

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