Connection Systems

Delphi 064 Connectors

Delphi's 064 Connectors satisfy the USCAR (United States Council for Automotive Research) footprints for mating interfaces. This provides universal use, easy integration and broad application flexibility..

Delphi's 064 Connectors consist of the following:

  • Headers
  • Micro64
  • Micro HVT
  • Micro Terminal System (MTS) 064 
  • MTS-B 064

Micro64 connectors are compact electrical connections designed for low-energy, high-density applications. Micro64 connectors offer superior sealing performance, high current capacity, and a robust mating pin design. Micro64 connectors feature a labor-saving, non-orienting, tangless female terminal. The terminal mates to either round or square pins, allowing versatility in application and overall lower installed assembly and inventory costs.

MicroHVT connectors are cost-effective, versatile connections featuring compact, 2.54 mm (.100 in.) centerline spacing and a unique high value terminal design that allow the female terminal to mate to four different male terminal widths for maximum design flexibility.

For easy integration, MicroHVT connectors are available in USCAR indexing configurations A through F with color coded indexing options to help assure correct connector mating. The MicroHVT connectors are hand-mateable, low engage force connections available in one and two row configurations.

MTS 064 connectors are high performance connections that feature a female terminal with uniquely designed 'two-stage' contact geometry. The female terminal makes four points of contact with the male pin at two different levels or 'stages' to allow for low mating and unmating forces. MTS 064 has a high vibration performance.

The two-piece, female terminal consists of a base terminal with a steel sleeve. The steel sleeve provides high pull-out strength from the cavity and helps protect the contact.

The MTS 064 connectors offer two terminal designs—the MTS 064 tanged, two-piece terminal and the tangless MTS-B 064. Both terminal types are available with gold or tin-plating.

MTS-B 064 is a tangless version of the MTS 064. It is designed for sealed applications. A stainless steel sleeve is modified to plug-through-the-seal.


  • Unlimited number of rows and columns with 2.54 mm centerline spacing to accommodate more terminals in less space
  • Pin and box tangless female terminal for reliable sealing and easy repair
  • Robust terminal interface design for continuous 7 amp current capability with either a square or round pin
  • Non-oriented female terminal to simplify insertion
  • Sealed and unsealed versions
  • Industry standard design for flexibility
  • Validated for high density commercial vehicle electronics
  • Cam lever/mechanical assist, Connector Position Assurance (CPA), secondary lock and wire dress available for improved system design
  • 360° orientation available
  • Conforms to USCAR design footprint for broad application flexibility

Typical Markets

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Marine
  • Motorcycles

Typical Applications

High density connections for commercial vehicle and transportation electronics