Cables and Wiring

Delphi RF Cable Assemblies

Delphi's RF Cable Assemblies are robust and reliable and assembled using state-of-the-art manufacturing systems. Delphi utilizes lean processes with flexible manufacturing cells that allow high volume/low mixes and low volume/high mixes. Delphi also offers extensive experience in transportation Electrical/Electronic architecture design and manufacturing. Certified testing and validation labs help ensure delivery of high quality cable assemblies according to specific requirements and quantities for global customers.


  • Flexible manufacturing cells allow high volume/low mix and low volume/high mix
  • Extensive experience in transportation E/E architecture design and manufacturing
  • Fully certified testing /validation lab
  • Full participation in global standards activities

Typical Applications

  • Ground position sensors
  • Antenna applications
  • Commercial vehicles, marine, and motorcycles
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Military applications

Performance Characteristics

  • SWR (standing wave ratio) and IL sweeps from 0-3 GHz
  • Built in accordance to MIL-DTL-17
  • Cable lengths from <1 meter to 8+ meters
  • FAKRA, BNC, and Mini-UHF

The performance characteristics above are for reference only and may not account for all the variables that would be present in an actual application. For detailed product performance information, contact Delphi.