Cables and Wiring

Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems

Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems include a cost-effective, lightweight wiring alternative that offers up to 47 percent mass reduction compared to traditional copper core cable. Approximately one kilogram of aluminum can replace 2 kilograms of copper, providing equal conductivity.

Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems enable improved fuel economy due to mass savings and lighter, easier vehicle assembly, while reducing the susceptibility to copper commodity volatility. Aluminum cable is larger than copper cable due to the greater cross section of aluminum required, yet it achieves the same conductivity. The insulation is lighter in weight than conventional insulations, further enhancing the weight reduction potential of Delphi's aluminum cable.

A range of aluminum cable sizes are available, depending on the intended application:

  • Primary cable — 0.75 to 2.5 mm2
  • Power/battery cable — 3.0 to 120.0 mm2
Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems feature advanced materials such as halogen free ultra thin-wall insulation, which provides exceptional pinch and abrasion resistance to enable a volume reduction compared to thin-wall cable. Delphi's high strength, high conductivity aluminum alloy provides up to 45 percent higher break strength than pure aluminum cable.

Delphi continues to expand its portfolio of aluminum cable related products and processes. A portfolio of aluminum-capable terminals is also available. Advanced processes include automated crimp termination technology and innovative corrosion protection solutions.


  • Reduced weight lowers harness mass and helps improve vehicle fuel economy
    • Achieving the same conductivity, aluminum is half the weight of copper
  • Various insulation materials are available with aluminum core
    • Lead-free PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
    • Halogen free, heavy metal free
      • Ultra thin-wall insulation helps to offset the larger cross section required by aluminum
      • Reduced volume enables bundle size reduction, reduces the space needed for cable, and improves packaging opportunities
  • Replaces copper, which costs more than aluminum, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of wire assembly
    • Reduced susceptibility to commodity market fluctuations
      • Aluminum prices are historically more stable (less variation on a percentage basis) when compared to copper prices
  • Complies with ISO 6722-2 (International Organization for Standardization) 
  • Proven termination performance and corrosion protection
  • In-house aluminum cable manufacturing
    • Proven, production ready manufacturing assembly processes, including automation
  • Aluminum cable integration into the standard electrical/electronic system
  • Expertise and experience in cable construction and electrical/electronic system design
  • Technical support with a systems perspective
  • Quality
    • Robust and reliable performance
      • Can withstand physical abuse, including resistance to pinch, abrasion and flames
    • Durable throughout the product life cycle
  • Global manufacturing capability
    • State-of-the-art, lean and flexible manufacturing systems
    • Automated assembly processes, enabling the trend toward miniaturization to reduce the size and weight of products
    • Environmentally friendly processes and end products
  • Global accredited, in-house testing and validation
  • Participation on global cable and wiring industry standards committees and activities enables a comprehensive understanding of industry requirements

Typical Applications

Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems can be used in primary cable or power/battery cable applications for both passenger and commercial vehicles. Contact Delphi for further information about your specific application requirements at


Delphi aluminum cable lowers harness mass and helps improve vehicle fuel economy.


In addition to aluminum cable, Delphi also designs and manufactures aluminum-capable terminals.


 Manufacturers can contact Delphi for information regarding:

  • Samples
  • Test results
  • Application guidelines
  • Aluminum compatible terminals
  • Fleet vehicle testing

Performance Advantages

Many thousands of kilometers of Delphi's copper clad aluminum core cable and aluminum solid core cable can be found on roads around the world in proven applications. This development and manufacturing experience enables Delphi to continue to meet customer expectations for material cost reduction, weight reduction, robustness, reliability, and minimized complexity.

Delphi offers a complete line of wiring and cable to meet the demanding requirements for many applications, including engine compartments, interior and chassis wiring harnesses. In addition to Delphi Aluminum Cable Systems, other offerings include the following:

  • 0.13 mm2 Cable
  • Battery Cable
  • Halogen Free Thin-Wall & Ultra Thin-Wall Cable
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Primary Cable
  • RF (radio frequency) Cable Assemblies and Connections
  • XLPE (cross-linked polyolefin) Primary Cable

The Delphi Advantage

Delphi has the benefit of a long history of cable design, development and manufacturing expertise and offers one of the widest portfolios of wiring. Delphi is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers of advanced wiring and cable products, producing more than 6 million km of cable in one year. With a strong commitment to engineering and technology and our ability to manage complexity with smart engineering, Delphi is already at work on the next generation of robust, reliable wiring and cable while driving innovation through miniaturization and automation.

Delphi delivers real-world innovations that make products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and efficient. We can provide safe and reliable cable solutions for the life of a vehicle. Our cable portfolio enables connectivity throughout many vehicles — from passenger vehicles to on-road light, medium and heavy duty trucks as well as off-road vehicles. Our green approach allows us to manufacture cable that is lighter, smaller and environmentally friendly.

As a global leader in electrical/electronic architecture, Delphi is a source for high value solutions and our systems approach is built into every product. Delphi's flexible engineering approach encourages collaboration. Delphi has a thorough understanding of markets around the world and a global network of resources. We offer complete electric/electronic architecture design and components beyond cable and wiring, including connection systems, electrical centers, and more.