Active Safety

Delphi Lane Departure Warning

The Delphi Lane Departure Warning system is a lane tracking system that helps alert drivers when they unintentionally drift out of their intended lane. Using a camera and image processing to detect painted lane markers up to 25 meters ahead of the equipped vehicle, the system determines the vehicle's heading and lateral position in the lane to provide the appropriate warning.


  • Helps drivers become aware of lane drifting quickly
  • Does not report stopped objects along the roadside, reducing false alarms
  • Flexible alert configuration based upon OEM requirements including audible, tactile and/or visual driver warnings
  • Camera mounted behind the wiped area of the windshield allows driver to maintain a clear line of sight
  • Camera can be shared with Delphi Active Night Vision system


  • Lane change prediction
    • Estimates lane width and road curvature to accurately determine vehicle heading and lateral position in the lane
    • Extendable to lane-keeping through integration with electronic power steering and controllable brakes
    • Helps enhance performance of currently available collision warning systems
  • Image processing algorithms
  • State estimation techniques to detect and track lane boundaries
  • Blocked sensor notification
  • Flexible alert configuration including simulated rumble strips, audible tones and haptic alerts

* Source: NHTSA

Delphi active safety products are designed to supplement other safety practices by enhancing the driver's awareness of the area in the path of the vehicle. Responsibility for safe operation of the vehicle remains with the driver.