Active Safety

Delphi Rear and Side Detection System

Delphi's Rear and Side Detection System (RSDS) helps make drivers aware of approaching vehicles when changing lanes or making turns. By providing an alert when a vehicle has entered a blind spot to the rear or side of the vehicle, RSDS helps give drivers more time to react to obstacles that may be difficult to see in the side mirror.

Using a globally-accepted, 76GHz, single-beam mono-pulse radar, Delphi's RSDS has better Doppler discrimination, wider bandwidth and a smaller RF window than 24GHz systems.  Additional benefits of the 76GHz system include:

  • Higher quality target discrimination
  • Superior minimum range, range accuracy, range discrimination and longer range capability
  • Simplified vehicle integration

Alerts are determined by the vehicle manufacturer and can include audible chimes and/or visual indicators in the side mirrors.  To reduce the possibility of nuisance warnings, audible alerts can be automatically deactivated when the turn signal is being used.

Delphi's Rear and Side Detection System helps to reduce the potential for accidents, injury and costly property damage and enables multiple consumer-desired safety features.

RSDS Enabled Features

  •   Blind Spot Detection - detects presence of objects in the vehicle’s side blind spots
  •   Lane Change Merge Assist - monitors passing vehicles in adjacent lanes to help drivers make safer lane changes
  •   Rear Cross Traffic Alert - detects objects on either side of the equipped vehicle and warns drivers of approaching vehicles when backing out of parking spaces or blind alleys
  •   Rear Pre-crash Sensing - detects the potential for a rear-end collision from an approaching vehicle and works with other vehicle safety features to enhance occupant protection