Direct Injection Compressed Natural Gas Injector

EU Grant to Delphi for Manufacturing Feasibility Research

Delphi’s Customer Technology Centre in Luxembourg has received a major grant from LIFE, a European Union research and innovation funding organization, for the design and installation of a pilot line for manufacturing direct injection compressed natural gas (DI-CNG) fuel injectors for passenger vehicles. Delphi’s DI-CNG injector is, potentially, a key enabling technology for the development of future clean and efficient vehicles and could facilitate wider acceptance of CNG-powered vehicles.

One of the most significant benefits of the DI-CNG technology is the fact that it enables lower greenhouse gas and particulate emissions than conventional engines that use gasoline or diesel fuel. In addition, it provides similar driving comfort, especially similar low-end torque to provide faster acceleration, than conventional systems.

life-logo LIFE is the EU’s funding instrument for environmental, nature conservation and climate action related to policy and legislation. It co-sponsors projects throughout the EU that enable the development, implementation and maintenance of those activities.

The grant for Delphi’s LIFE Project, LIFE13 ENV/LU/000460, provides a contribution of roughly 43 percent from the European Commission Directorate-General Environment, for a total investment of about €8 million ($10.1 million USD) by Delphi. The research project was initiated in June 2014 and will conclude in May 2018.

Project Contact:

Dr. Joachim Kiefer
Research & Innovation Technologist
Delphi Powertrain Systems
Delphi Customer Technology Centre Luxembourg
Avenue de Luxembourg
L-4940 Bascharage
G.D. of Luxembourg
Telephone: (352)

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