Multi-voltage wiring assemblies

Long experience in processing high-voltage wiring assemblies

Delphi offers a wide range of electrical architectures to meet the demanding requirements for almost every application, depending on the performance characteristics desired. This includes multiple voltage levels from traditional 12V up to 800V and innovative 48V applications.
Since many variables are considered for current applications, Delphi can assist with helping to define the appropriate selection criteria for choosing the ideal wiring solution for the need. 


  • Features
    • 48V wiring assemblies pigtailed to modules
    • Full vehicle 48V assemblies
    • Ability to process Delphi sealed ring and/or other 48V connection systems
    • Delphi customer support for high-voltage wiring harness design
    • Simulation ability: thermal/mechanical optimization
Wiring Assembly
  • Delphi advantage
    • System supplier to design, validate and produce (terminal, cable, harness)
    • Technology applied and running in up-coming serial production
      in EU


Delphi’s 48-volt, mild hybrid technology enables smart electrification by customizing vehicle architecture to maximize battery power to take the burden off the engine while more efficiently enabling advanced driver assist technologies.
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