Delphi Battery Management Controller

Delphi's high-voltage/power battery pack controllers for hybrid and electric vehicles monitor and control the high voltage contactors within the battery pack’s bussed electrical center (BEC). Designed to maintain safety, calculate battery state-of-charge and determine the power required for the vehicle energy system controller, the battery management controller operates with a high degree of accuracy and resolution and monitor the voltage, current, and temperature of multiple cell batteries.

Compatible with single or multiple battery configurations, they can be used with voltages from 42-450VDC on mild hybrids, full hybrids and electric vehicles.

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 5000


  • Can be integrated with any Lithium ion or NiMH battery cell manufactured globally
  • Use of building block technologies to reduce cost
  • Applicable across multiple vehicle platforms without re-engineering
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Integration with vehicle safety systems helps ensure passenger safety during collision


  • Small footprint
  • Thermal inputs: 16 thermistors
  • Voltage inputs: 32 cells or group of cells (high speed)
  • Mid-pack voltage inputs: 6
  • Power requirements: < 1A @ 16 VDC
  • Current inputs: 2
  • Current accuracy: +/- 1%