Electrical/Electronic Architecture

Delphi Velocity™ Tool Suite

The Delphi Velocity™ Tool Suite comprehensive portfolio of integrated design, analysis, and simulation tools helps to bring optimized, accurate, ready-to-manufacture Electrical/Electronic (E/E) Architecture designs to market quickly. The sophisticated software tools ensure E/E Architecture systems and component designs meet customer quality, functionality, mass, and packaging requirements. By leveraging the capabilities found in the Delphi Velocity Tool Suite, Delphi is able to offer its customers:

  • Optimized E/E Architectures and products
  • Responsive turn around of design and engineering changes
  • Highly accurate, well documented designs

The Delphi Velocity Tool Suite is a strategic blend of Delphi specific in house tools, customized commercially purchased tools, and industry standard software tools that support the entire E/E Architecture design process from technology innovation to manufacture and allows:

  • Technology innovation
  • Architecture optimization
  • E/E system design
  • Modeling and simulation 
  • Manufacturing system design

All of the tools included in the Delphi Velocity Tool Suite are linked together and access globally shared data, further streamlining the E/E Architecture design process.


Optimize and analyze different architecture systems in order to:

  • Evaluate architecture design alternatives
  • Provide quantitative comparisons
  • Reduce complexity of an electronics system, while maintaining the same functionality and performance
  • Define physical partitioning and device locations
  • Analyze changes and their impact on the entire E/E system
  • Conduct electrical vs. electronics functional evaluation and partitioning

Reduce development times by:

  • Enabling quick turnaround of designs or responses to engineering changes
  • Reducing lead time to calculate manufacturing metrics
  • Increasing first-pass success of physical testing
  • Reducing the number of prototypes, thereby helping minimize testing costs
  • Quickly evaluating and validating material, technology and design options
  • Reducing development cycle times

Provide accuracy with precise designs, including:

  • Complete detail and design checks
  • Customer data linkage through to manufacturing harness build
  • Seamless integration with Delphi's global common data systems
  • Reduced engineering time
  • Minimized chance for design errors
  • Efficient product complexity and change management

Typical Applications

The tools within the Velocity Tool Suite can help enhance virtually any E/E Architecture design project at any stage of development. The greatest value is achieved when the Delphi Velocity Tool Suite is used from the very beginning, but benefits can also be realized in mid-stream development or the build to print stage.

Performance Advantages

With a complete suite of tools that are integrated together to provide solutions throughout the entire E/E Architecture, E/E system, and product development processes, Delphi helps expertly manage the complex power and signal distribution network.