Ignition Products

Delphi Ignition Products

Delphi's Ignition Group supplies high quality ignition products that meet diverse application needs for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Delphi Aftermarket, and motorsports customers. Delphi's ignition cables and components exceed stringent product requirements, such as:

  • 40,000 volt systems
  • Temperature ranges from -40ºC to 260°C
  • Radio frequency interference suppression
  • 160,000 km product life
  • Resistance to ozone, corona, and fluids

When combined into assemblies, the ignition products function to provide:

  • Sound mechanical connections to spark plugs, distributors, and coils
  • Protection from weather, elements, and temperature
  • A direct electrical path between distributors⁄coils and spark plugs for conventional systems and the latest technologies of Coil-Near-Plug and Coil-At-Plug

A Complete Line of Ignition Products

Delphi supplies six categories of ignition products. Many combinations are available to suit different applications.

Ignition Cable

Ignition cable transfers high voltage energy from distributors/coils to spark plugs. It consists of:

  • Core—conductive center that can be metallic, resistive or inductive
  • Insulation—non-conductive materials that can be organic or inorganic
  • Inner braid or pet non-woven mesh—serves as a strength member to enhance
    mechanical properties for terminal retention and overall cable durability
  • Outer jacket—provides protection from engine fluids, temperature extremes, and abrasion

Ignition Terminals

Ignition terminals provide the mechanical and electrical connections between the cable core and the spark plugs, distributors, or coils. Strip and Fold is the method utilized for terminal application. This process removes insulation to expose a short length of core which is "folded" back over the outer jacket. The crimping of the terminal traps the core between the terminal and the cable.

Spark Plug Boots and Distributor⁄Coil Nipples

Spark plug boots and distributor⁄coil nipples provide environmental sealing and electrical insulation of the ignition lead connections to spark plugs, distributors, and coils. These parts must:

  • Insulate the connections
  • Resist dielectric puncture
  • Seal against moisture and fluids present in the engine compartment
  • Perform at engine compartment temperature extremes
  • Be removed easily, without damage, during service

Heat Shields

Heat shields are metallic⁄ceramic outer shields that provide additional temperature protection for spark plug boots.

Clips, Channels, Conduits and Other Fasteners

Clips, channels, conduits and other fasteners help maintain harness routings to keep assemblies away from moving parts, sources of heat, and areas of potential abrasion.


Designed and manufactured to help meet nearly every customer specification—domestic or global.