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Delphi 11 mm MCC Squib Connectors


  • Scoop-proof AK-2 interface as well as AK-1and FCI interface available
  • Excellent mating behavior, even under difficult mating conditions (blind mating)
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Full compatibility with existing initiator specifications
  • Delivered in different wire lengths, wire gauges and types; please consult us for customization

Technical Characteristics

 EMI filtering device
 Locking type  Active CES* - CPA**
 Termination technology  Welding
 Contact resistance  < 10 mΩ
 Dielectric test    750V / DC
 Temperature range  -40°C to +85°C
 Pull-out force 
 > 150 N

Main Part Numbers

 Right angle version
 Product code   Interface
 Part number  Product code
 Part number
 FPB90-5  AK-2  I  PPI0001876  FAB90-2  AK-1  A  PPI0001660
 II  PPI0001877  B  PPI0001626
 III  PPI0001878  C  PPI0001627
 IV  PPI0001662  

 Right angle version
 Part number  Product code
 Part number
 PPI0001660  FIB90-2  FCI  A  PPI0001633
 PPI0001626  B  PPI0001634
 PPI0001627  C  PPI0001635

 Straight version
 Product code   Interface
 Part number  Product code
 Part number
 FBP180-2  AK-2  I  PPI0001142  FAB180-1  AK-1  A  PPI0001840
 II  PPI0001143  B  PPI0001841
 III  PPI0001144  C  PPI0001842

Note: user specifies pigtail wire length, wire gauge and wire type. Contact us for specification assistance.

* CES: Connector Engaged Safety
** CPA: Connector Position Assurance

MCC AK-2 FPB90-5

MCC AK-2 FPB180-2

MCC AK-1 FAB90-2

MCC AK-1 FAB180-1


Dimensions in mm

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