A Connector Can Save Your Life

It takes less than 50 milliseconds for airbag to inflate.

Because your life can depend on that 'spark' of time, Delphi brings its vehicle systems know how and technology to provide you outstanding safety restraint interconnection solutions. We are proud to offer the world’s most popular solutions for connecting wiring systems to airbags and other pyrotechnic devices used in vehicles.

SRS Presentation

As one of the world’s leading supplier in the automotive SRS market, Delphi has developed some of the major standards and innovations used in the industry today. Our success is based on a number of important customer benefits, including:

  • One of the broadest product ranges available
  • Outstanding product features and performance
  • The flexibility to meet your specific configuration, from connector pigtails to jumper harnesses
  • Strong global manufacturing and supply chain capability
  • Unrivalled experience – we released the first airbag ever in 1973

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It is one of the smallest full-featured design on the market. It features a smaller form factor for applications with very tight space.
The AK-2+ retainer features a modified shorting clip that incorporates a ground contact.
Our latest MCC (Modular Connector Concept) connector features a scoop-proof interface, noise filtering and shorting clip activation.
This sealed connector features a fully-serviceable locking system and can be disassembled from the ignitor interface.
Our retainers match all our squib connectors and fit reliably to the industry standard 11mm ignitor pocket.
This product introduces sealed performance for applications external to the vehicle cockpit.

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